Restrict Access to Certain Contacts

Hi all,

We’re keen to start using the Trust functionality in CAS360 and a couple of the partners were going to put their info in as a bit of a guinea pig to test out the minutes etc. In AE, the partners have their financial data restricted so that employees can’t see any of their personal information, and we also have have some clients who are very particular about only certain staff members seeing their records (we often have spouses of employees working for clients etc).

Do we have that capacity in CAS at all?

Cheers, Bianca

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Hey @BiancaT

This is something that we’ve also asked for to be implemented into CAS, and recently found out that it is a functionality within Simple Fund 360. It makes a lot of sense.

What we ended up doing was setting up second instance of CAS360 under a secondary ASIC Agent number so that we could keep all our Director/William Buck-specific entities and those trust accounts separate, mostly because we don’t yet have the ability to restrict access to certain records.

Here’s hoping it comes in 2021, and good luck with sorting this out - I’d be keen to hear how you work it out, if there’s a workaround atm.


Hi @Laneth and @BiancaT

Thank you for the post.

At this stage, we do not have the ability in CAS360 to restrict users to specific companies or specific screens inside CAS360.

This is one of the most requested features in CAS360, and as such is something we are working on to release later this year.


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Hey mate,

That’s awesome, cheers for letting us know!

Thanks Warren! Looking forward to it when it’s released.