Restore Deleted enteries

how can i restore accidentally deleted trasactions for closed period , im not able to reopen or recreate enteries .plz can any one help

Plz reply if anyone know the answer

Can anyone help me plz

Firstly When accounts have been audited we do not recommend any changes. If you really must make changes you are best to do journals on 1 July to make sure no changes to Tax calculations or member accounts. If you are confident you have a bank feed enabled for a prior period. Plus you have audited financial reports handy. Then you can import bank feed using rerequest and having financials handy will ensure no differences. To go back you must reverse entries then open period. If need more help log a support ticket in the software and one of the support team will assist.

I agree that when accounts have been audited, we should not make any changes.

If you are in a current FY and accidentally delete one/two transactions, instead of getting the feed again, it would be handy to quickly restore transactions in current periond. what do you think?

Thanks SanjayE for the feedback and welcome to the community. We get mixed responses here. Depends if you come from an audit background or SF Desktop background. Deleting bank feed transactions can lead to its own set of issues around the audit trail . This is why I suggest even in the Current Year moving towards tighter internal control and hence restore from a feed as you and the auditor (Audit GL report ) have then an audit log of the source of the transaction.

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So how would you go about re-doing a previously audited and finalised year in situations were a managed fund manager send out this 6months after finalisation;

“We have found an internal reporting error which has resulting in significant error on the Annual EOY tax statement we sent you in July. We enclose an amended EOY tax statement for your record.”

I’ve had some that have been many thousands of $ of additional tax credits over the years. In Desktop you can easily redo and resend to the auditor and lodge an amendment.

What’s the process for SF360 please?

For a significant error in Tax Statement. Would speak to the Auditor first for advice.

If deemed a significant impact, then before making any changes , suggest a collation of all Financials and Reports particularly a GL report be done first for audit trail . I encourage use of the Accounting Workpaers module in SF 360 as this will simplify this process as can export all reports and work papers in Single PDF. Also make sure you have a signed copy of the original Financials, AR and Audit report if previously lodged.

Then to make the Amendment to the Annual Return follow this process here Amended Annual Returns – Simple Fund 360 Knowledge Centre