Reporting Dividend Income in Financial Statements

Can you please explain why the approach to reporting Dividend Income has changed in the Financial Reports - where it is no longer being grossed up?

Unfortunately the change in approach between Simplefund desktop (used in 2017) and Simplefund 360 (used in 2018) creates large differences among the comparative reports. It’s not comparing apples with apples…which renders the comparatives ineffective.

In the initial transition to ‘360’ year(s) it would be better to report the Franking Credit amount as another line item until it could be quarantined & relegated to the IT return in perhaps the 2nd year of operation - thereby maintaining some accuracy in the comparative reporting & to help explain the situation to clients.

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Hey @Rosalie,

This is high on the wishlist and your suggestion is a good one regarding quarantining the amount so it’s easy to show clients where the discrepency is coming from.

Simple Fund 360 adheres to the XYZ Model Financial statements which do not use the gross up income amounts, for more info check the article linked below:

I’ve linked this thread to one of our product managers :slight_smile: