Recode income & expense transactions

When will the transaction recode function for income/expense amounts be available?



Thanks for your post.

We will add it to our wishlist, though can not advise a specific date.


What are you talking about @Eric, this is not something that is being requested. Its something that has already been promised by BGL!

SF360 informs us each time we go into the ‘New Transaction Recode’

Recode function is being developed in stages. You are now able to reclassify single entity investment and asset - bank account (including transaction history). Recoding transactions for other account types will be available at a later stage.

That message has been there for a long long time.

Perhaps you’re not that familiar with SF360?

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Thanks for pointing that out @Freman
That message has been there for a couple of years as far as I can recall.

Really can’t wait till this feature is finally added.

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