Read receipt on emails

Is there a way to request a read receipt on emails sent through Cas360? And if not, will this feature be added in future?

Hey Casey
The Email Outbox in CAS 360 will track Delivery in Progress, Message Delivered and any emails that have failed.

Check out the help for further detail

I still think there needs to be a read receipt option on emails.

I yesterday had a client call to say she hadn’t received her statement because she had changed her email address and hadn’t notified us, so we had sent this to her old email address not realising this. The email was delivered to the old email address so we didn’t get any errors or notifications, but there needs to be a way to check or be notified if a client has actually “read” the emails so we know to follow up on those that haven’t been read, or alternatively, maybe a way to see outstanding messages that haven’t been read. Fortunately this particular client was aware of when her company review fee was due - which was yesterday - and called to check up on it.

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Having it say successfully delivered is one thing, agreed, but having a read receipt would be so advantageous, agreed.

I believe that DocuSign has provision in their systems to do this, but the email server used to deliver&track correspondence within CAS may not be as robust?