Quick Add email address at Annual Review

Hi, why are we not able to ‘quick add’ the email address at the annual review email stage? Instead of ‘missing email’, it states ‘no email’. I then have to cancel the document production screen, add the email address to the contact and re-do the annual review process. It would be a lot easier if we could add it in as a ‘Missing Email’ like we can do for other document productions.


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Hello Sharon - Thank you for your post.

I have tested this and I agree with what you are saying. I’ve found that when sending reminders and the contact didn’t have an email address, there is a ‘Missing Email’ option where you can add an email address, opposed to the ‘No Email’ display where I couldn’t add an email address when preparing documents for the Annual Review process.

I see how the ‘Missing Email’ alternative is much more effective. I’ll pass this suggestion of yours onto the CAS 360 product team as it will undoubtedly make the process more efficient. We really appreciate your feedback Sharon - thank you.

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