Public Company Change of Name Issue

Hi, this may be a question for ASIC but I thought I might get an answer quicker here! Does anyone have experience with public companies that don’t have ‘Limited’ in their name? I have a client who previously applied to have Limited omitted from their name. They now wish to change the company name but when I try to prepare the Form 205 both CAS360 and the ASIC portal force me to include Limited (or a version of it) in the new name. I’m wondering if this is a software issue, or whether I need to apply to have Limited removed again after the name is changed?

Unless one of the developers get back to you here quickly, you might be better served jumping on the phone to speak with ASIC.

Thanks @Laneth, after holding for half an hour I gave up and used ASIC’s online message system, which is why I thought it might be quicker here :wink:

Hi @Anne.Wright,

Hope you were able to resolve this issue with ASIC

In CAS360, for companies that are limited by shares we do force users to input the ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ legal element.

We do this to ensure that the legal elements are not missed (and then documents are rejected)

Where the company has an exemption it is best to either contact ASIC or prepare the lodgement on a paper form.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response @WarrenRenden. Still waiting to hear from ASIC, but it’s helpful to know that you’ve designed the software to do that.

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For the purpose of completing this query, the advice given by ASIC is that in the case of a company that has approval to omit Limited from the name, the Form 205 must be lodged by paper for manual processing. This allows the omission to be carried over to the new name. I’m going to prepare the form through CAS360 and then delete ‘Limiited’ from the PDF document before I have it signed.


It’s moments like this that makes one almost miss the ASIC office in the city on William or Collins Sts where you could lodge over the counter with the friendly staff :slight_smile:

Thanks for following-up Anne, greatly appreciate your thoroughness.