Projected Pension Report within Report Pack

In preparing the Report Pack for a financial year (eg 2017); I’d like to be able to include the projected pension report for the following financial year (2018), but by including this report among the 2017 date range reports - it populates the data with old balances.
Is it possible to allocate settings for this template to provide information relevant to the Members for the next financial year - where it picks up the opening balance at the start the day on 1/7/17 (or alternatively the closing balance of 30/6/17), & not the 30/6/2016 values or the close of day balance for 1/7/17?

Hi @Rosalie

This report will use the closing balance (eg 30/06/2017) which effectively will become your opening Balance as at the 01/07/2017.

For this to happen you will need to make sure you have finalised your fund up to the 30/06/2017 before generating this report, which includes creating entries to year end (30/06/2017).

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Thanks Anthony,

I agree, it’s a timing issue - I’m preparing the reports for the Client prior to audit & lodgment of their 2017 Annual Return, so the Period Close hasn’t occurred, but I have created entries to 30/6/17. Unfortunately the ‘report packs’ are generated within the over-riding date range at the header of the Reports Screen, and to create an accurate calc in the the “Projected Pensions Report” to disclose the following year’s minimum, it needs the parameters to be the year following that of the current year’s financial reports that I’m actually issuing… there’s no ability to adjust the settings within that report’s options (eg - current year / next year) for this to occur if/when it is included in an end of year Report Pack [particularly if trying to set it up as a 1 step process of generating a meaningful collection of reports, for example a "2017 Client Copy " - the client is interested in their next year’s pension obligation once the Financial year’s balances have been finalised].
Currently, my “Client” Report pack is made up of 2 x sets of reports which generate 2 x pdf’s due to the date range requirement- not a single pdf file.

Cheers (& thanks for your prompt response!),


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I don’t have the pension summary as part of my Report Pack. I change the Reporting Date to “Next Financial Year” and run it from there. Alternatively, you could Close Period so you’re in the current financial year (ie 2018), then run your Report Pack (minus the Pension Summary) using the “Last Financial Year” option. The Pension Report would then be run under the “Current Financial Year” default.

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