Processing of Share sale transaction via import of a Broker CSV File

Prior to migrating my fund to SF360 I have been testing various transactions through a test fund in order to familiarise myself with SF360 processing prior to undertaking the real exercise. I need a little help with processing a share sale transaction through importing a Broker CSV file rather than through the auto data feed from the Broker.

For the exercise I have looked at the Commsec CSV file and from it constructed a CSV file in the format required by SF360. I then imported this through the “Import Broker File” function on the “Manage Data Feeds” panel. This appears to work fine and causes ledger transactions to be posted to:

Investment a/c; Changes in Market Value a/c; Investment Movement Clearing A/C

This is fine but I need the amount in the Investment Movement Clearing a/c to be cleared to the Bank a/c. How Do I go about achieving this.

The data I had in my imported CSV file was:

Transaction Date; Amount (net proceeds); Units; ASX Code; Type (Buy/Sell)

[I know that Commsec data can be processed through the auto data feed facility, but I want to find out how this is done by importing a CSV file.]

Since posting this query yesterday, I have discovered that both the Bank Data Feed CSV and the Broker Import Data Feed CSV have a reference field, so I included a reference in the buy and sell transactions on the Broker Import CSV and then created a Bank Data Feed CSV for the cash transaction to the bank and included that same reference on this data feed. My hope was that the software would pick up the fact that these 2 references were the same and thus would be able to overcome my problem. However The Broker import used the Investment Movement Data Clearing Account (94910) whilst the Bank data feed import used the Bank Data Clearing Account (91000). Thus I am no closer to resolving my problem.

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Resolved by manually matching trans from Transaction List

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It also helps to specify the Settlement Date to help with the matching process.
I found that the best upload method for CSV files is:

  1. Upload the bank transaction CSV file first
  2. Process the transactions that will not be included in the broker CSV file such as Share purchase plans, dividend reinvestments, share offers, etc
  3. Import the share broker CSV last
    I found that importing in this priority greatly helps improve the automatic transaction matching.
    Hope that helps or unless someone else has a better idea.
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