Printing list of annual company statements received / upcoming for review


We’ve had a partner request to be able to review the company details before we send out the annual reviews and I’m trying to work out the easiest way to make this happen. I know that there is the supervisor review function when emailing to the client but I know he’d much rather flick through a 20 page PDF rather than click and open each email individually.

In the old desktop CAS, when processing annual company statements we previously could tick a list of the companies and export the comparison reports as a bulk PDF- does anyone know if there is similar capacity in CAS360?

If anyone has any suggestions or can highlight an existing report that will allow me to do this I’d appreciate the assistance.

Even if instead of on the Reviews screen we could do it from the Companies->Annual Reviews Alert-> Received or Upcoming, this would allow me to share this the week before they hit and allow any pre-housekeeping to be done where necessary.

Hey Bianca,

There is no current way to do this in bulk (that I’m aware of), but you can export the comparison reports to PDF files from the comparison screens and perhaps combine them into a single PDF to be sent to the partner?

Sort of a stop-gap process until something more robust is rolled out within CAS360?

Hi Laneth,

That’s exactly what I’m doing right this moment- I’ve just printed 27 companies for the partner and am consolidating them for review. (Luckily it’s only one partner requesting or I’d have 80 odd to do!)

It’s not a big deal to do it manually, but as always, if there’s a way it could potentially be automated it’s always worth asking!



Hey Bianca,

Absolutely - there’s a few areas I’ve noted within CAS360 that could benefit from having checkboxes in order to select multiple companies to include within the intended process.

Feel your pain too - glad it is only one partner. June is our most numerous month for reviews in the year, and it would be a pain if we’d be having to do the same thing haha

Here’s hoping we can see this as a wishlist item and something included in a future rollout!