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Hey guys, I might have asked this before somewhere else but couldn’t find it here: Is it possible to get a screen showing the history of a user, broken up between CAS360 login sessions? This would be good for those of us training staff or keeping time sheets so we can accurately track our own activity after the fact.

Perhaps an opt-in daily digest that breaks down what’s been done that day?

Hi @Laneth

Thanks for sending this through. We do have some small logging on tasks such preparing documents and lodging documents however this is only available in the document history, and does not allow for an export.

We do have some logging on our side that is not able to be produced as a report for users at this stage. We do have plans to make this available and to add detailed user log reports in the future.


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Hey @WarrenRenden, Thanks for that, greatly appreciated.
I reckon it’ll prove beneficial in the long run!

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