PDF documents generated by Simplefund

Why is it that when an Document Pack is created, the moving of the pdf generated by BGL into another .pdf document (for the Audit File) results in the even numbered pages (from #6 onwards) of the Annual Return losing their data from the datafields?
Generating a 2018 return only affected the one page; but the 2019 return is losing data on most pages (eg IT Calc Statement page, Member 1 has no data; Member 2 does, Assets, Declarations etc). I know this is probably an ATO issue, but can you please follow it up to have it rectified.

I’d also like to know what advancements have been made with the Templates for other documents. I am so frustrated over having to manipulate an individual Fund’s documents generated from Simplefund, where if the Templates were user-friendly with regard to formatting & content changes, we could successfully use this function. (Eg, The spacing in the Trustee Resolution & Index always spreads the content over 2 pages, but by removing the empty rows in between and adding 6pt of paragraph spacing, it can fit easily on 1 page; Pension Letters show incorrect addressee as Fund rather than Pension Member; Text font within Compilation Report; Adjusting Front Cover Page format.)



Hi Rosalie

Thanks for your query.

I have tried merging the tax return PDF with another PDF document using Adobe Pro and I was able to do this successfully without losing any of the information on the tax return. Could you please advise as to what tool/software you are using to merge these documents or alternatively are you able to use Adobe Pro and see if you are able to replicate this.

Further to your query with regards to the trustee resolution and reports index, as they are dynamic reports which rely on the setting for paragraphs or number of reports on the pack, it is not possible to change the font size on the fly to fit on to a page.

With regards to the other formatting inconsistencies, is it possible to get a sample sent through to afernandez@bglcorp.com.au.

In terms of improvements to the creation/maintenance of report templates, we are currently working on the ability to upload a custom template across multiple badges at once. We aim to have this out within the next couple of releases.

Thanks again.

Anthony Fernandez

BGL is currently focused on improving the transactions screen at the moment.

You’ll just have to handle the pains until the reports screen starts receiving some improvements - so far, I have seen you can start to have 1 button to change the settings on a whole range of reports, that’s a good start.

I still find printing the trial balance annoying, if I forget to change the print settings, the right side of the page is chopped off.

We also find the documents supplied as templates by BGL unwieldy and dare I say it - ugly!

For example a financial statement document pack generates into pdf. Problems include the ABN on the cover sheet to the financial statements has no spaces, the cover page itself is not a pretty document, notes are poorly spaced and break badly across pages sometimes with the total appearing on the next page. If a change needs to be made for instance to the auditor report this must be generated separately in word and amended manually, there is then a different font produced and there are no page numbers on this report to enable slipping into the original document. Any edits to notes are very difficult with the use of table within table.

Further the new “common settings” feature is not really helpful as it does not allow for no date ie blank, which we require as the trustee report and auditor report are dated when signed. To combat this we have had to change the template, but this means that any changes to the template by BGL do not flow through and a new amended document has to be made by us if we become aware of any changes to the template.

Has anyone any suggestions to combat these issues?

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Hi Anthony,

We use PDF-XChange Editor Plus (Ver 6.0(Build 317.1) to manage our PDF’s…I find it strange that that the SMSFAR data appearance of a file that has been moved into another .pdf can be intermittent, and the fields not showing on the even numbered pages (I have sent an email containing a sample…data is affected from Page 4; fields are affected from page 6, but the odd numbered pages appear as is expected. I will work on preparing a selection of docs containing the inconsistencies within the next week).

I appreciate the Trustee Res & Index are dynamic - which is fantastic when we are tailoring the content of reports for different Funds, & I’m not asking for the font size to be adjusted to fit a page (only consistent between reports) but I do ask that the empty row interspersed between the topics being reported is removed (To provide a small ‘pause’ between rows, is there something similar to the ‘Spacing’ option in Word at the end or before paragraphs, or the row height is set to say 0.7 - where a minimal space amongst the list items is created? )

Thanks for responding to my feedback - the adjustment of reports does seem to take up so much of our time, & if we can streamline these, it would be really beneficial.