Outsourcing to the Phillippines

Hi all,
Has anyone ever outsourced their corp sec work to the Phillippines? We are looking at doing this and I am a bit apprehensive. Any pros and cons would be well received.

Why would you do that when you and I are currently paying people not o work (Jobkeeper/ Unemployment). Surely in the current environment we want to keep jobs in Australia?
Do you like talking to people in the Phillipines / India etc. I always try to stick with companies that have their call centres in Australia.

I would be happy to connect you with some of our clients who currently do corp sec work in our Philippines offices. Let me know the best way to connect with you and send you some firms to chat with.

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In my previous firm, we outsourced Annual Review production, however it was not very successful. Mostly owing to the fact that most data “errors” such as differences between ASIC address and CAS address were not picked up or acted upon despite multiple training sessions held. Solution implemented was to have the reviews created and then sent to a onshore Client Services Admin to check before sending. In the long run that was much harder and it proved a frustrating waste of time, considering CSAs could check create required forms, and send the annual review in less time than it took to check the pre-prepared reviews.

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