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Howdy everyone.

I recently completed the Responsible Registered Agent training that BGL and CorpSec services put out and really got a lot out of it (if you haven’t signed up, I really recommend it).

Does anyone know of any other short courses that are available in this area? I’d really like to increase my level of knowledge to become our ASIC / Minute Book / Company Register / Trust guru (not on the accounting side, more on the administrative side). I have a strong interest in compliance, process development and would love to do some formal training to back up my on the job knowledge to further refine what we can do for our clients.




Hey Bianca,

I’d suggest giving the Governance Institute a look-in, as they have a bunch of awesome one-off and short courses that give you knowledge and insight for a bunch of things, from stuff we deal with in the private sector all the way up to a GradDip in Corporate Governance which trains folks for acting as Company Secretaries in the public industry :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! - https://www.governanceinstitute.com.au/


Thanks Laneth! I know I can always count on you for an answer.

That sounds exactly what I’m after, I’ll check them out.



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Hi Bianca
I’m really pleased to hear you attended The Responsible ASIC Registered Agent course and got a lot out of it. It has been very popular and I have had many people reach out to me after attending the course to say the same. Thank you for recommending it.

As Laneth has stated, The Governance Institute of Australia has various short courses. I am a Fellow member at the Institute and also a Committee member of the Corporate and Legal Issues Committee. Let me know if I can help or answer any questions. It can be difficult to find courses that are particularly relevant to ASIC agents, rather than the inhouse company secretary. There is of course overlap, but as we know there is a vast difference between the compliance requirements of listed public companies and private companies. Feel free to call me. My mobile number is on the contact us page of the course slides.

More ASIC agent courses to come in 2021 :grinning:

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