Order of documents when downloading annual reviews

Is it possible to save the preferred document order when downloading annual reviews the way we could in CAS desktop? For example, having the invoice come after the solvency minute, without having to change the order for every annual review as it’s downloaded.


I’m pretty sure you can’t save your preferred order, but I wish we could too! I change the order every time.


Its 2018 and I am having to manually reorder every time. Have I missed something or has this not been addressed in any of the updates?

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback on this issue

Can I please get a little more information about the request

  • Is there particular document sets that you are changing the order? or all Document sets?

  • What is the order that you usually select?

  • Is the order always this order? or is this specific to a Partner / Manager / Client




Hi Warren, I was referring to the Annual Review process documents. We always use the same order:

  1. Cover letter
  2. ASIC Review Statement and Invoice
  3. Resolution
  4. CAS Invoice (we have modified this to a confirmation ASIC Review statement is correct that Director signs and returns to us)

Hope you find this information useful.


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We would like that as well. I can be doing numerous annual reviews during the day and the order won’t ‘set’ itself for the day.
It would be great if there was a way we could set the default for each user.

Annual Reviews, I always have the signing docs first and invoices at the end.

  1. Company Statement
  2. Resolution
  3. ASIC invoice
  4. Our invoice

For other documents, I always have the signing documents first, followed by the Registers.
Personally I prefer to have the single page signing documents first (eg Resolutions/Minutes, Consents, Share Certificates etc) followed by the ASIC form, followed by the Registers.

I always use this order, I think it’s more logical for the client.

Hi @Anne.Wright, @Elizabeth and @GJH4680

Thanks for your feedback on this, I’m confident we can come up with something to help :slight_smile:


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This would work better for us as well.
We have the Resolution / Minute before the Company Statement.
We don’t use the invoice that Anne has listed at number 4.

HI @WarrenRenden

I was wondering whether we can set up clients emails so that as soon as an annual review or ASIC invoice arrives the invoice would automatically go through the email to the client or any email of our preference to avoid missing dates and penalty fees.

Could you please let me know whether this facility is already in place or whether you could arrange it?

Thanks you,