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Under Notifications, what does ‘Lodgement Failed’ Annual Review already received this year mean?

I have several notification and the annual reviews have been emailed to clients.

Thank you
Glenys Ivory
Kensington Partners

Hello @Glenys

It means that there was an annual review statement in the ASIC mailbox for collection, while that company already had an annual review statement received for this year.

There could be several reasons why there is another annual review statement in the ASIC mailbox, it could be because of someone lodge an RA71 to re-issue the annual statements; or it could be because the annual review date of the company has changed and another annual review is issued by ASIC for that company.

If you would like us to further look into the issue, you can log a support call and give us the name of the companies.

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Thank you for your advice.

I will have a look at the history of each company and see the reason.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Glenys Ivory
Kensington Partners