Non-Attendee VS Apology- FYI & Feature Request

Hi All,

I’ve just tried to prepare a minute and while I had a director flagged as an Apology not a Non-Attendee, they were still just omitted from the Minutes.

I contacted the Chat help and they confirmed that if I wanted them to be included as an Apology on the minutes, I would have to export the document to Word and edit manually, however I then couldn’t have the document digitally signed.

Can the mail merge coding be adapted to include any Apologies?

Cheers, Bianca

Hi @BiancaT

Thank you for your post

Just to clarify the request, when setting a director as an ‘Apology’, and then preparing the minutes, with “show Attendees” selected, you would like the minutes to show the attending directors (as it does today) and then note that ‘Director X was an apology’

Is this correct? Please let me know


Hi Warren,

Anything along those lines would be great. When I manually edited the minute I had an Attendees line and an Apologies line- but I’ll accept whatever works with the coding!

Cheers, Bianca