No longer client

Is there a way to list a company as no longer client in CAS.

Also is there a way to see if a company is deregistered without having to open the company info

Hi @dyseebaker

Inside the Company if you go to Company Info tab -> Client Data

There is a toggle here for ‘Current Client’. If you want to remove this company as a ‘current client’ just un-toggle this.

In regards to seeing if the Company has been de-registered, unfortunately, at this stage, ASIC has not provided us with the ability to check this, so it is a manual check on the website.

Hope this helps


Another option for easy viewing on the main companies screen could be to add a “Tag” to your NLC companies.

This way you can run a Companies Listing report based on either the tag or the “status” of the company, and have both bases covered.

Great, thank you!



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Many thanks Warren