No attempt by SF360 to Map import fields


For example Broker CSV file

SF360 does not bother to even try to auto map the fields, why not?

If doesn’t even map them automatically when you use the recommended BGL Template!

If doesn’t save your mapping preferences so you do not have to re-map the next time.

I don’t think this is something on BGL’s to do list, it recently had a minor facelift & I think the 1000 transaction limit was rectified.

I think this isn’t a easy fix and we will have to wait till there are further advances in Artificial Intelligence till this gets automated.

Nothing to do with AI at all.

Software has been capable of remembering your preferences since the the beginning of consumer business software solutions.

The SF360 software never remembers most of my preferences actually, you’re having more luck than me.

Agreed , CSV mapping was something we added to Desktop , it was a big project to add custom templates Thank you for the feedback. Our focus has been on getting direct broker data feeds and adding more brokers to Share Data Packs rather than CSV mapping . We have added some more functionality to our CGT Smart Docs project to read table type data , We hope to tick a few more wishlists off in 2022 as we claw back some of the time SuperStream Rollovers and maintenance is consuming at present