Newbie question - Can I upload journals like I can bank statements?

I am new sorry if this has been asked and answered, had a quick look, couldnt find

Can I upload journals via csv like I can bank statments?

If not can I request this as an enhancement? would save hours and hours of work

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Yes you are able to upload journals via CSV file if that is what you can get from the bank. Please see for instructions:

Reply back if you have issues!

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No this is not what I mean at all

Of course I know you can import bank statements, I mean non bank entries like journals entries and distributions statements that seem to require painstaking manual entry

For larger clients this will take hours and hours to do, modern Excel power query load means you can automate the formatting of a lot of this data, but loading to Simple fund still mean peck peck peck on the keyboard!

Can I suggest that you look at adding the ability to organise journals in excel / convert to csv and upload to SImple fund? it will save everyone a lot of time and reduce human error and frustration

Could have sworn I add my 2 cents to this one before…

I’m with JYoung66 on this one. Its needed urgently.

The BGL XML Spreadsheet Import desktop version catered for this no problems at all. The BGL XML Spreadsheet Import for SF360 is not able to do it.