New Fund Client from advisor also using SF

we are about to take hold of a new fund client. It seems the existing accountant uses SF.

I dare say if we get approval, we can simply take over their license – is this correct?

If true, is there anything we need to know to make this happen, what we need to ask for etc?

Incidentally, if there are documents loaded and held against this client (under the work papers tab), do they come along as well, or are these a separate issue.

Hey Mikey

If the existing Accountant is using Simple Fund 360 you will be able to use the Fund Transfer Function.

If the Accountant is Using Simple Fund Dekstop you will be able to migrate the fund to Simple Fund 360.

Feel free to reach out to our BGL Support Team if you need further information on the above.



HI I was wondering about the documents under the Workpapers tab too, can you please confirm what happens to those on a Fund Transfer? Normally they would be part of my own workpapers and I would not want those transferred to a new accountant.

All documents from workpapers are saved directly in the Documents screen. When Documents have been flagged for transfer, all documents will migrate across.

Please note that no workpaper data e.g. checklists, notes, statuses, amounts etc are transferred.

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