New Features September 29/09/22

New Features

  1. :alarm_clock: New Feature Alert :alarm_clock: Distribution Tax Automation: From the Distribution Tax Automation screen BGL users can now post year-end distribution accruals.

  1. Data Feed: A new Cryptocurrency Data Feed from Digital Surge has been added, automatically importing Crypto data into your BGL Products.

  2. Documents: From the Documents Screen users can now track the signing process of any digitally signed documents

  1. Amended PAYG Payment Summary: PAYG Payment summary amendments can now be prepared electronically and lodged to the ATO in Simple Fund 360.

  1. Not for Profit Audit Report: New report added to Simple Invest 360, users are now able to prepare an Audit Report
  2. Notes to the Financial Statements: Entities that have been set up in Simple Invest 360 can now customise sub-headings under Note 1 when preparing the Notes to the Financial Statements.


  1. PAYG Payment Summary: Simple Fund 360 will now calculate the PAYG tax offset amount for pension payments.

  2. Global Search: Quick links will now include the new PAYG Payment Summary screen.

  3. SuperStream: Rollover / Release Authority Report now displays the relevant financial year of the release authority.

  1. Trust Tax Return: Improved description for ATO Validation Error SBR.GEN.AUTH.006.

  2. Trust Tax Return: Improved how phone numbers with special characters are handled in the tax return pre-fill.

  3. Statement of Taxable Income: Improvements to the ‘Other Income Reconciliation Adjustment’ in the Statement of Taxable Income screen for trusts.

  4. Reports: Improved Declaration of Distribution Report for Unit Trusts.

  5. Reports: Improved Trustee Minutes and Resolutions for part-way distributions.

  6. Global Search: Quick links will now include the Reports screen.

  7. Smart Matching: Users can now enter more details for the 49550 – Dividends Paid and 49560 – Unallocated Dividends accounts.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Report Preview now shows the name of a report when viewed in the PDF viewer.

  1. Fixed: Create entries now allocates Foreign Income Tax Offset based on accumulation members weighted balance.

  2. Fixed: SuperStream rollover reports that are automatically attached to rollover transactions posted by the software now generate with the correct financial year report header.

  3. Fixed: Encrypted SuperStream messages will now show the last four digits of the Date of Birth.

  1. Fixed: Corrected an issue where daily revaluations were causing issues with period compliance.