New Features September 28/09/2021

New Features

  1. Major SuperStream Update! Funds can now initiate and receive rollover and release authority transactions directly from Simple Fund 360 using the new BGL Electronic Service Address (ESA). Already using the Australia Post ESA? No need to worry. You have the option to continue to use the Australia Post ESA or switch over to the new BGL ESA. For more information check out our extensive list of SuperStream FAQs. Also if you haven’t done so already, watch our webinar series on the changes to SuperStream.

  2. The BAS/IAS forms have been added to Reports screen. With Digital Signing enabled in Simple Fund 360, you can now Digitally sign the BAS/IAS forms!

  3. Giving you more control and power in the palm of your hands. You can now customise your Quick Access Report list!

  4. New Wrap and Platform feed! CGF Accolade (previously known as Patersons) is now supported in both Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360. This feed imports cash, investment and income data on a daily basis.

  5. New Broker feeds! Maqro Capital and Pearler Investments have been added to the Share Data Pack.

  1. We have beefed up the Profit/Loss calculation feature in Simple Invest 360 giving you better support for processing monthly, quarterly and custom period distribution and profit allocations.

  2. New customisation options for your reports. New report settings are now available to group Assets and Liabilities on the Statement of Financial Position by Current/Non-Current.

  3. New Wrap and Platform feed! CGF Accolade (previously known as Patersons) is now supported in both Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360. This feed imports cash, investment and income data on a daily basis.


  1. New, and more detailed messages have been added to Feed Management – Bank Feeds to provide valuable information and instructions for bank authority forms requiring action.

  2. Changes made when adding or editing a property in the Property Dashboard, where users can now select whether a property is subjected to LRBA and Property Count.

  3. Property count (for the 2020FY tax return and onwards) is now only applicable when the property is subjected to LRBA.

  4. The Property Summary Report has been updated to include the Lease Expiry date and LRBA status for all property accounts in a fund.

  5. A consolidated setting has been added to the Pension Payment Declaration Report, allowing users to prepare the report on a member level.

  6. Updated the Engagement Letter to allow both Auditor and Trustee to digitally sign the document.

  7. The Fund Transfer process has been updated, to use the Fund Transfer Code instead of the Shortfirm Name.

  8. If registered with the new BGLSF360 ESA, it will populate in the 2019FY SMSF Annual Tax Return and onwards.

  9. Updated format when exporting the Detailed Purchase and Disposal report in excel.

  10. Additional distribution tax data has been added for the 2021 Financial Year.

  11. Based on client feedback, we’ve made improvements to the Custom Rules wizard in Smart Matching:

  • Added “The rest” tickbox to easily allocate any outstanding dollar amounts.
  • Allows allocation of negative amounts.
  • GST rate options available for GST Registered funds

  1. Included a field for Business Use percentage when using the Depreciation Schedule for non-SMSF entities.

  2. New and updated tax component fields when Distributing Profit for Trusts.

  3. New fields added to the more details panel of the transaction, for the 49450 - Distributions Paid account.

  4. New fields added to the Statement of Distribution report.

  5. Improvements to calculations within the Beneficiary Distribution Summary.

  6. Improvements made for tax component distributions when Distributing Profits for Trusts.

  • Share of Trust Estate (W) total types is available between Net Taxable or Net Accounting Income.
  • Select an Assessment calculation code between beneficiaries and residual accounts.
  1. Tax Reconciliation report for Trusts and Companies has been remodelled making it easier to reconcile.

  2. Improvements to how ‘Other Deductions’ and ‘Non-deductible’ tax labels are handled.

  3. Improvements to how tax labels for Depreciation Expenses are handled.

  4. The Distribution Statement has been renamed to Annual Tax Statement.

  5. Trust Taxable Income screen includes additional manual adjustments for Accrued Expenses and Revenue.

  6. General Ledger – Audit View has been made available for all entities.

  7. Entity wind up dates added to the Entity CSV Export.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: The page numbers will now appear correctly when preparing a Reports Index with multiple changes.

  2. Fixed: Expense accounts using the tax label ‘Management and Administration (Fully Deductible) will now appear in the Tax Reconciliation report.

  3. Fixed: Market Linked Pensions commencing on or after 1 July 2017 now appear as IS1 when creating the electronic file and TBAR Electronic File Summary report.

  4. Fixed: The page break issue on the Minutes of a meeting of the Trustee(s) has been resolved.

  5. Fixed: Typing IAS and BAS in the Report Screen keyword search will now bring up the correct reports.

  6. Fixed: The author of reports will now show as ‘BGL Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd’ rather than the name of the individual.

  7. Fixed: The reporting logic for the contract date has been corrected in the Realised Capital Gains report.

  8. Fixed: Within the Account View function, the correct percentage figures will now show for all 46000 accounts.

  9. Fixed: When creating a matching rule within the Smart Matching screen, the error that occurred when allocating contributions using a % has been fixed.

  10. Fixed: There is no longer a formatting issue when displaying longer investment names within the Dietz Performance tab of the Investment Dashboard.

  11. Fixed: Fixed the issue for System Dividend Matching where incorrect income accounts are picked when there are multiple investments attached to the same security.

  12. Fixed: Within the Documents screen, the “Tag Files” feature is removed from the Upload screen when the user permission of “Tag Documents” is off.

  1. Fixed: The BAS screen now picks up the Signatory Selection drop-down for Simple Invest 360 entities.

  2. Fixed: A spelling error has been corrected in the Beneficiary Distribution Summary.