New Features - September 2019 Release (12/09/2019)

New Features

  1. Reports: Simple Fund 360 can now prepare a Work Test Declaration letter for all members of the fund. The letter is addressed from the member making a declaration to the Trustee(s) of the fund stating that the member is aged between 65 and 74 inclusive and has satisfied the work test requirement of being gainfully employed. Thus the fund can accept employer and personal superannuation contributions.

  2. Contract Notes Service: Investorlink Securities Limited is now supported by the Contract Notes Service. To review a full list of supported brokers Click Here.

  3. Data Feed: WAW Credit Union data feed is now available in Simple Fund 360. The data feed is supported in Simple Fund 360 by Bank Statements powered by PROVISO

  4. Smarter SMSF Document Integration:
    A unique and innovative solution combining Simple Fund 360 and Smarter SMSF documents. You can now order a new SMSF directly from within Simple Fund 360, saving you significant time in the process where upon completion, the order will automatically create the fund for you. Note: This will be made available the week commencing the 16/09/2019
    For more information click here.

  5. Live Chat Support (Beta): Chat to Support Consultants live from within Simple Fund 360 on any screen. Get solutions to your queries fast without interrupting your SMSF workflow.

  6. Smart Matching - Display bank details: Quality of life improvement for processing funds with multiple bank accounts. Bank account BSB and Account Number now display in the Smart Matching screen allowing you to know which bank account you are matching transactions in.


  1. Depreciation Schedule: The Depreciation Schedule will now be divided into two sections being Incomplete and Reviewed. Once the status of the asset(s) have been updated to Reviewed,
    Simple Fund 360 will automatically update the security price as at the 30/06/20XX for any unitised asset(s) to equal the closing written down value.

  2. Bank Data: Several improvements have been made to the Weekly Account Status Report.

  3. Transactions: Warning message added when coding to account 46000/MemberCode, that a rollover payment will not count towards the minimum pension on or after 1 July 2017.

  4. Distribution Review: Several securities have been added to Distribution Review. To review a full list of supported securities Click Here.

  5. Members: The ability to identify a pension as a Death Benefit Pension has been added in the Member Financial Details section.

  6. Corporate Actions: Processing guidelines for the 2019 Woolworth (WOW) Share Buy-Back are now available in the help.

  7. Fund Relationships: Formatting improvements have been made to the Fund Relationships Screen.

  8. Smart Matching - Distribution Transactions: A warning now displays in the “More Details” section for distribution transactions (23800/23700) that have been marked as “Processed” in the Distribution Review screen.

Errors Corrected

  1. Formatting correction made to include decimal places in the Deductions Notice and Deduction Notice Request Letters.

  2. Downsizer contributions coded to account 24200 will now display in the Audit Workpapers and Accounting Workpaper reports.

  3. Corrections have been made to the Bank Audit Confirmation Report.

  4. The share registry for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd (BEN.AX) is now correctly showing as Boardroom.

  5. Display corrected to show selected funds for the Global Chart of Accounts.

  6. Ability to filter by labels from the SuperStream screen has been fixed.

  7. A change has been implemented in the Contract screen, to increase the length of input characters allowed for Other Entity, Trust and Company types.

  8. Display correction made when using Internet Explorer, the ability to select a Condition of Release when converting to TRIS has now been resolved.

  9. Alignment issue has been resolved when posting a journal with multiple line entries.

  10. Rounding corrections have been resolved across several automated corporate actions.

  11. Issue resolved when creating new investment accounts and being unable to change the Investment Type.

  12. Correct has been made to the ASX income data feed for CDA.AX. Date Payable:13/03/2019 and Dividend will now equal $0.065.

  13. Exception handling has been improved to prompt users who accidentally post pension payment prior to pension start date.

  14. Improvements have been made to the date picker used in the transaction screen.