New Features October 28/10/2021

New Features

  1. CFS Wrap: A new year-end automated feed from CFS Wrap has been added, automatically importing cash, investment and income data.

  2. SuperStream: Rollouts can be initiated more efficiently with the Fund Validation Service (FVS) which will link additional automation of bank details from APRA funds when the Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) has been entered.

  3. Digital Signing: BGL will now provide you with the functionality to digitally sign any Word or PDF document when sent from Simple Fund 360.

  4. Digital Signing: Simple Fund 360 will now allow you to enable more than one digital signing provider to be active.

  5. Investment Dashboard: ASX 200 benchmark added to Dietz Performance > Investment Performance Chart and Time Weighted Performance > Time Weighted Performance Chart.

  6. Investment Summary Report: New setting implemented, allowing you to organise your investment holdings by portfolio name and code.

  7. Consent to appointment as Trustee Form: New Consent to appointment as Trustee Form has been added to the Reports Screen. This report is fully customisable and can be digitally signed.

  8. Application to become a Member Form: New Application to become a Member Form has been added to the Reports Screen. This report is fully customisable and can be digitally signed.


  1. Fund Transfer: Improved transferring of Chart of account codes that have been marked as Report property count on tax return (2020 onwards)

  2. Smart Docs - CGT: Now supports Evans & Partners - End of Financial Year Tax Report.

  3. Corporate Actions: 7 new corporate action data has been added.

  4. Unused addresses can now be removed from the Select Address dropdown

  5. Smart Matching: When adding a Bank Account through Smart Matching, when the BGL Bank Data Service is not available for the account, a detailed reason why will now be displayed.

  6. Smart docs - CGT: Quick Data Entry screen now supports Bank account and Term deposits

  7. Property Summary Report: Lease Expiry has been added to the existing list of sorting options.

  8. Workpapers - The Confirmed Balance inserted by SmartDocs for the 60400 Workpapers can now be edited. When edited manually balance source is changed to Manual.

  9. Workpapers - The Warning for the Work Test for the 24200 contributions workpaper has been updated for the 2021 and later Financials Years.

  1. Reports: You are able to print Trust Distribution reports even in cases where beneficiaries have a zero balance

  2. Reports: Beneficiary Balance Summary report will show opening and closing balances even for beneficiaries who have a zero balance.

  3. Entity Dashboard: Notes on dashboard can now be reordered by editing the date of the note

  4. Chart of Accounts: New Company Tax labels 8H and 13U have been added

  5. Improved calculation logic for Franking and Foreign Credits in Company Statement of Taxable Income

  6. Trust dashboard improved to ensure Email and Phone numbers of Beneficiaries are displayed.

  7. Chart of Accounts: Update to Company tax labels.

  8. Smart docs- CGT: Quick Data Entry screen now supports Bank account and Term deposits

  9. Investment Dashboard: Time Weighted Rate of Return Logic has been optimised to calculate the max period for entities.

Errors Corrected

  1. SuperStream: SVS checks on whether an SMSF receiving fund is SuperStream V3 certified has been fixed.

  2. SuperStream: Lodging party fix, to recognise ‘Other Entity’ contact types when processing a Rollover.

  3. SuperStream: Now able to edit and save rollout transactions once posted by the system.

  4. SuperStream: Error messages when registering funds for SuperStream are now more detailed.

  5. SuperStream: The Super Standard Choice Form, Employer and Trustee Notification Letters has been fixed to account for the new BGLSF360 ESA.

  6. Fund Dashboard: Fix implemented for share data pack display to populate the status correctly.

  1. Statement of Distribution Report: Fix implemented to ensure amounts are correctly populated to Label L and Label Z.

  2. Analytical Insights: Consistent date selector display applied when Analytical Insights is accessed across different pages.

  3. Unrealised Capital Gains Detailed Report: Fixed the duplication of discounted amounts.