New Features - October 2020 Release (28/10/2020)

New Features

  1. Contract Note Service New Brokers are now supported:

    • Foster Broking Pty Ltd
    • Arbalist Capital
  2. Investment Dashboard screen: Based on client feedback, a new Investment Strategy Dashboard has been created to identify possible out of range strategy holdings. Plus a new detailed investment view has been added for each category to speed reconciliation.

  1. View Losses: Carried-forward Losses now available for Trusts, Companies and Individuals.


  1. Distribution Tax Automation: over 550 commonly held investments are now supported by Distribution Tax Automation.

  2. New Screen Formats: Our Entity Details, Entity Relationships and Contacts pages have been updated to a new and improved format.

  3. Mail Merge Field: Mail merge fields have been added for Default Bank Account BSB, Account Number and Account Name.

  4. Mail Merge Field: Mail merge field added for Selected Member Minimum Pension Percentage

  5. Mail Merge Field: Mail merge field for Entity Contact Address fields

  6. Feed Management: When selecting a date in the Feed Management screen, users now have the option to either enter the date or select a date by clicking the calendar icon.

  1. Tax Reconciliation Report: Section 9 (Rent) and Section 23 (Other assessable foreign source income) have been added to the Tax Reconciliation Report.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: When migrating from Simple Fund Desktop error message unable to import chart.
  2. Fixed: Address line 1 was not able to be removed for company contact type.
  3. Fixed Workpapers: Distribution Tax Automation documents duplicated across multiple accounts
  4. Fixed: Errors corrected when searching from the Transaction List.
  5. Fixed: From the Chart of Accounts you will now bw able to attach and search for tags.
  6. Fixed: Rental Property Statement was not Showing Comparative for Capital Works Expenditure.
  7. Fixed: Account View was not displaying investment accounts with nil balances but had units recorded.
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