New Features - October 2020 Release (21/10/2020)

Workpapers New Features/ Improvements

The focus of this update has been on client’s feedback around notes used in Workpapers for comments, review points, internal queries, matters for attention etc.

  1. You can now reply to notes which will display in a thread view and mark as Completed.

  1. From the Lead schedule, you can view notes and replies speeding up the review process.

  1. Sub-Accounts with a note will be highlighted and viewed. Clicking on the notes icon will enable Quick Note View (see below)

  1. The Quick Note View allows you to quickly reply or mark a note as complete.

  1. SSO: Read-Only User permission.
    A new User Role permission has been added for those users such as auditors you would like to provide a read-only view to.

A user with this permission will be able to:

  • View workpapers and documents
  • Authorize Workpapers API access
  • Export workpapers
  • Send Notifications
    *Attach Documents

The User with this permission cannot do the following:

  • Generate Workpapers
  • Refresh Workpapers
  • Bulk Update
  • Change Preparer, Reviewer or Status
  • Generate reports
  • Add and view Comments
  1. The following reports will be regenerated every time you refresh the workpapers regardless of whether the balance changes or not.
  • Contribution Breakdown Report
  • Contribution Summary Report
  • Distribution Reconciliation Report
  • Dividend Reconciliation Report
  • Fund Summary
  • Interest Reconciliation Report
  • Investment Income Comparison Report
  • Pension Summary Report

Refer to our Simple Fund 360 Help for more information on how to use Workpapers.