New Features - October 2020 Release (08/10/2020)

New Features

  1. Bank Data Feeds: Users now have the option to upload signed authority forms directly into Simple Fund 360 when setting up Bank Data Feeds through the introduction of the new Signed Authority Form Upload feature.

  2. Investment Dashboard: A Time Weighted Performance page seen in the Mobile App has now been added to the Investment Dashboard.

  3. Property Dashboard: The Property Dashboard has a new ‘Global Toggle’, enabling users to view properties within the Property Dashboard at both Entity level and Global level.

  1. Entity Type: An additional entity type ‘Individual’ is now supported in Simple Invest.

  2. Digital Signing: Adobe Sign and DocuSign are now available for the following reports in Simple Invest.

    • Compilation Report Company
    • Compilation Report Trust
    • Trustee Minute - Family Trust
    • Trustee Minute - Unit Trust
    • Trustee Resolution - Family Trust
    • Trustee Resolution - Unit trust
    • Trustee Declaration
    • Directors Declaration


  1. Distribution Tax Automation: We have simplified the 2020 tax reporting season by providing you with distribution tax statement data for over 530 commonly held investments. This update supports:

    • All Vanguard ETFs and popular Vanguard managed investments
    • All BetaShare ETFs
    • All ETFSecurity ETFs
  2. Fund Relationships: Directly from the Fund Relationships Screen, you will now find a contact’s mobile and email address.

  3. CGT Register Report: When exported to excel, the report now includes the description of CGT Transaction.

  4. Contacts: The Country Name has been updated to new ISO country standards in entity details, entity relationships and contacts screen

  5. Integrations: An individual’s title and ABN and a Companies ABN will now be sent to our Integration Partners.

  6. Bank CSV Import Report: We have added a new report that will help you keep track of CSV imports.

  7. Digital Signing: The following reports can now be digitally signed in Simple Fund 360:

    • Compilation Report
    • Engagement Letter
  8. Bank Audit Confirmation: Based on your feedback several improvements have been made to the Bank Audit Confirmation

  9. Depreciation Asset Write Off: Based on user feedback the investment will not be disposed of when a write off has been processed.

  1. BAS/IAS Lodgement Declaration: The declaration for BAS/IAS lodgement has been updated and now supports trusts and companies.

  2. Reports: The Taxable Profit Discounted which is reported in the Unrealised Capital Gains & Unrealised Capital Gains Detailed Report has been updated when the entity type is Individual, the report will now show a discount rate of 50%.

  3. Period Compliance: When the Entity type is set to Individual, users will be able to use the period compliance screen to allocate profit.

  4. Reports: The Depreciation Schedule Report is now available and can be included in your Simple Invest 360 Report Packs.

  5. Notes to the Financial Statements: The section on Changes in Market Value has been updated when preparing the Notes to the Financial Statements.

  6. Reports: Two new reports are now available:

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Email Templates can now use the 'Insert variable” function.

  2. Fixed: Page layout when adding a new account from Smart Matching.

  3. Fixed: When using BGL SmartDocs, documents were downloaded without a name, these documents will now display the original file name.

  4. Fixed: When using BGL SmartDocs, documents will not be downloaded multiple times.

  1. Fixed: The report start date was not updated according to the Entity Details.

  2. Fixed: Directors’ Declaration template has been updated.



The Smarter SMSF Order Document page has a fresh new look. In addition, three new documents can now be completed, including;

  1. Add or Remove a Member

    • Cost: $99

    • This form allows you to generate documents that will add or remove a member within an SMSF, including changes to the trusteeship of the fund where they may be required to be appointed or resign as an individual trustee or director of the trustee company.

    • Coming Soon: The ability to pre-filled ATO form and post member information to Simple Fund 360.

    • The following documents will be generated as part of the completed order:

      • Adding a member:

         *  Member application (add);
         *  Product Disclosure Statement (PDS);
         *  Trustee Minute accepting new members or cessation of members;
         *  Consent to Act (new trustee/director);
         *  ATO Trustee Declaration (new trustee/director);
      • Removing a member:

        * Trustee Minute regarding cessation of membership; and
        * Trustee Notification to Member for cessation of membership
  2. Lost Trust Deed

    • Cost: $275

    • Generate documents to create a Lost Trust Deed, where a fund has misplaced the Establishing Deed or Deed of Variation and replaces the governing rules through a Confirmation and Substitution of Replacement Deed.

    • The following documents will be generated as part of the completed order:

      • Deed of Confirmation and Substitution of Replacement
      • Updated SMSF Trust Deed
      • Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
      • Trustee minutes replacing the governing rules of the fund
      • Member Notice
  3. Lost Pension Deed (Affirmation & Confirmation)

    • Cost: $198

    • The decision in Re Narumon’s case provided critical insights into how the courts deal with the payment of pensions, in particular where pension documents are missing or insufficient. In response to this decision, Smarter SMSF is providing a Pension Deed of Affirmation and Confirmation that deals with the situation where a pension is currently being paid but no pension documents exist (or can be found).

    • The following documents will be generated as part of the completed order:

      • Pension Deed of Affirmation & Confirmation; and
      • Replacement Pension Agreement
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