New Features - October 2019 Release (03/10/2019)

New Features

  1. Contract Notes Service: Advantage is now supported by the Contract Notes Service. To review all supported brokers Click Here.


  1. Netwealth Data Feed: The Netwealth Data Feed will now support foreign share market transactions. For more information see Netwealth.

  2. Netwealth Data Feed: Improvements have been made to the Netwealth data feed on how income distribution components will automatically update at year-end.

    Note: Distribution Review can be used to reconcile tax data at year-end.

  3. Balance Review: A progress bar indicator will be shown to indicate when a request is being made to registry balance providers. This request can take up to 7 days depending on the registry provider.

  4. Balance Review: Quickly identify investments that have not received registry data. An indication will be shown for investments that have received no registry data.