New Features - October 2018 Release (11/10/2018)

PDF download: October 2018.pdf

New Features

  1. Ord Minnett - New Data Feed
    Simple Fund 360 now integrates directly with the Ord Minnett Equities Feed, automatically importing cash and investment transactions on a daily basis.

  2. Declaration of Retirement - New Letter
    Members of a fund can now notify the Trustee(s) of their fund that they are intending to cease employment permanently.

  3. Smart Matching - Search
    Quickly locate and match unmatched transactions using Smart Matching’s search feature. Powered by the data behind Smart Matching suggestions.

  4. BGL API - New endpoint for Detailed Operating Statement
    Access detailed operating statement amounts directly using Simple Fund 360’s new endpoint.


  1. Balance Review Screen - UI Improvements
    Macquarie data feeds will now display the correct Data Feed Provider.
    Only a single balance will be displayed for feeds where the bank account BSB has changed or the data feed source has changed.

  2. Balance Review Report - New Options
    You can now select the following options when generating the Balance Review Report:
    Show Zero Balances - Hide or display zero balance investments
    Show Registered Name - Include the account name that the HIN/SRN is registered under.

  3. Corporate Actions DRPs - 27.5% corporate tax rate
    The 27.5% corporate tax rate is now supported when processing supported DRPs in the Corporate actions screen and calculating franked dividend amounts in the 2016-2017 Financial Year onwards.

  4. Reports - Blank Word documents
    Get immediate feedback when generating reports in .docx format and find out early if a document will be generated blank.

  5. Smart Matching - Pension Payments
    Pension payments in Smart Matching now default to selecting the first available subaccount.
    Save time when matching transactions in funds with pension members by having Simple Fund 360 preselect the first pension account in the fund.

  6. Analytics Insights - New Report
    Export transaction queries run across all funds in your Simple Fund 360 database into a CSV report.

  7. New Mail Merge Field
    Added mail merge field «${ResolutionTitleTrusteeOrTheDirectorsOf» to custom report to print text “the Director(s) of” for corporate trustee.

  8. UI Improvement
    Interface improvement in Corporate Action screen for Code Changes and Demergers. Seamlessly create securities needed to process these corporate actions without disrupting your workflow.

  9. Actuary Partner Integration
    Actuary Certificate Providers now have the option of importing certificates in PDF into Simple Fund 360 once the certificate has been completed.

Issues Corrected

  1. Investment Income Report - Tax Labels
    Linked income accounts with a Tax Label of “Not Applicable - Permanent Difference” or “Not Applicable - Temporary Difference” will now display 0 assessable income.

  2. Investment Income Report - Ordering of Investments
    Investments are now ordered in case-insensitive alphabetical order.

  3. BAS Forms - BAS P
    Dates on this form will now display correctly when the fund registered for GST part way through the year.

  4. BAS Forms
    Amounts entered in “GST on purchase or disposal” field when entering investment disposal or purchase transactions now flow through to the applicable BAS forms.

  5. Segregation balance sheet
    Issue corrected in the Bank accounts section of the segregation balance sheet

  6. Members Statement - TRIS
    The label for “Account Type” in the Members Statement will now display as “Account Phase” for reports with a start date on or after 01/07/2017. TRISs will now display as “Accumulation Phase” and TRIS (Retirement Phase) will now display as “Retirement Phase”.

  7. SMSF Annual Return - Section K
    The trustee selected in Section K will default to the first individual trustee defined in the fund’s relationships section.

  8. Detailed Balance Sheet
    Rounding issues in detailed balance sheet fixed.

  9. Capital Gains Reconciliation Report
    Capital gains incurred from a rights issue will now be displayed in the Capital Gains Reconciliation Report.

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