New Features October 20/10/2022

New Features

  1. Digital Signing is now available for Custom Reports! - This now means that all documents uploaded can utilise the various digital signing options available in Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360.
    Simply insert the correct fields into your custom reports and choose the signatories to get started!


  1. Praemium Data Feed - The Praemium data feed just got even better! The Praemium file upgrade now enables the support of foreign investment and currency transactions.

  2. A New Broker has been added - Alignment Capital is now supported as a Share Data service provider, supported under BR securities.

  1. Company Tax Returns can now be generated! - Managing companies has just become even simpler with the ability to generate and export the Company Tax Return.
    For instructions on how to generate and download the return, see The Company Tax Return.


  1. Corporate Actions: Support has been added for the following corporate actions in Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360:

    Date ASX Code Type
    12/09/2022 RD1 Merger
    20/09/2022 OKU Merger
    21/09/2022 BRV Merger
    26/09/2022 MYD Merger
    27/09/2022 RAP Merger
  2. Entity Relationship Screen: Improvements have been made in the Entity Relationship Screen to help you navigate and find the contact your looking for faster.

  3. Address Search: We made changes under the hood to help you better search for addresses already added in BGL.

  4. Adelaide Bank Feed: Reconciling the Adelaide Bank Feed has just gotten easier! We will now show the ledger balance, which will help you quickly reconcile against all transactions imported in BGL.

  1. Chart of Accounts: We have added helpful information to LRBA Sub accounts when accessing through the Chart of Accounts. This will help prevent errors in recording the total super balance in the SMSF Annual Return.

  2. PAYG Amendments: We have added a Settings screen specifically for PAYG amendments. The new settings screen will help you setup:

    • Death Benefit Payments
    • Type of Death benefit payments

  1. Derivatives: Account 72300 - Derivatives (Options, Hybrids, Future Contracts) is now available for Share Trading Entities.

  2. Company Tax Reconciliation Report: We have updated and improved the logic to calculate Label 7.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Property Dashboard attachments caused issues when deleting a fund.

  1. Fixed: Fund import failed when there are invalid XML characters within the file.

  2. Fixed: Removed “Projected” wording from the Investment Strategy Report.