New Features - November 2020 Release (26/11/2020)

New Features

  1. Smart Docs - CGT History: Get up and running fast with BGL Smart Docs. The CGT History Import is designed to fast track the setup process and assist users who are entering opening balances. This exciting development allows you to upload a set of financial statements directly into Simple Fund 360 and automate all the CGT History without having to manually enter any journals into the ledger.

  2. Report Customisation: The default blue line in the Simple Fund 360 reports can now be modified.

  3. Draft Watermark: You now have the ability to add a draft watermark to your financial statements.

  4. Report Bookmarks: When generating a Report Pack, you will now be able to navigate the PDF using bookmarks.

  5. New Data Feed - WealthO2: Oops, we did it again!! With now over 300 plus data feeds supported across Simple Fund 360 & Simple Invest 360. WealthO2 joins the list. This new feed will import cash, investment and income data on a daily basis.

  6. Security is the top priority for BGL. As part of this, BGL will now send you an email if it detects a new sign-in request or if MFA has been requested. BGL examines a number of factors, including whether the user has used the same device before, or has signed in from the same location or IP address. Emails will not be sent if the login was via SAML, Sign in with Google or Sign in with Xero.

  7. New Public APIs are now available to help manage a list of entities by Label. Refer to the links below for more information:

  8. New Public APIs are now available to help manage Labels. Refer to the links below for more information:

  9. User Permissions: New user permissions have been added for Smart Matching. Administrators can now separately control who can access Smart Matching and the Matching Rules screen.

  10. Feed Management: Newly added screen that is a one-stop-shop to replace the three existing Manage Data Feed screens. The old data feed screens will no longer be accessible.

  11. Evens & Partners Feed: New Report Available! From the Wraps and Platforms screen generate the Holding Accounts Report for the Evans and Partners Data Feed. This report will show all current bank and investments holding balances and related feed codes.

  12. MyBGL Training: Join us and register for BGL training. Registrations are now handled directly from your Simple Fund 360 MyBGL Account.

  13. Capital Gains Reconciliation Report: Reconciling your capital gains just got easier in Simple Invest 360. A new report has been added to help you stay on top of all your capital gain calculations, across both Trusts and Individuals.

  14. Investment Strategy: Now Available! Set the minimum, maximum and target investment percentages for each asset class. This information is then used to compare the investment strategy range against the current holdings on the Investment Strategy Dashboard, Investment Strategy Comparison Report and Investment Strategy Comparison Detailed Report.


  1. Workpapers:Based on your feedback, the following improvements have been made:

    • The CGT Register Report, Create Entries Report and Investment Strategy Comparison Report are available under Settings.

    • Financial year will default to the same period as the fund.

    • Warning message will display when:

      • There are variances in the Investment Income Comparison Report.

      • There are outstanding corporate actions unprocessed.

    • Colour updates to green when Status changes to Ready for Review.

    • You can now reply to a note and mark as completed without entering any text

    • The preview window for documents has been made larger

    • The table can now be sorted by description

  2. Pension Dashboard: Member Account description will display for Pensions.

  3. Market Linked Pensions

    • The minimum pension calculation has been updated.

    • Payment factor tables updated for Market Linked Pensions commencing after 2020.

  4. Distribution Tax Automation: System per unit data fields will now be hidden.

  5. Investment Dashboard: Investments with zero balances will be hidden from the Investment Strategy Comparison Detailed table.

  6. Depreciation Schedule: Register assets for depreciation using Property Worksheet without creating an individual asset account.

  7. BGL Engage updates:

    • Security code of listed investments will display
    • Benchmark (ASX 200) performance added for investments
  8. Unmatch transactions Improvements have been to the algorithm for buy and sell transactions that are uploaded for the same investment parcel.

  9. Entity Setup: New prompts added to streamline the process of setting up an SMSF.

  10. Corporate Actions: Simple Fund 360 has added data to support the following mergers: OVH.AX, IFN.AX and MEQ.AX.

  11. Bank CSV File Import: We’ve tinkered with the upload and made the process more user friendly.

  12. MYOB Banklink File Import:

    • Improved compatibility for Banklink file import.
    • Better on-screen validations for the Bank CSV import.
  13. Distribution Tax Automation: System data has been updated and now available for over 600 commonly held investments, simplifying the 2020 tax reporting.

  1. Workpapers: Templates added for entity type – Individuals.

  2. Tax Reconciliation Report: Label 21A Net Capital Gains added.

  3. Entity Setup: New prompts added to streamline the process of setting up an entity.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: UUT prices are now loading correctly.

  2. Fixed: The Activity Statement and the Detailed Activity Statement will now feature a line indicating the total figures calculated.

  3. Fixed: When adding a property in the Property Dashboard, users will no longer be presented with an error message regarding the length of the security code when entering/selecting an address.

  4. Fixed: The title of the Reports Index now presents as just Reports Index, rather than Reports Index Report.

  5. Fixed: The Investment Strategy report now opens in a Word format without an error message.

  6. Fixed: The address merge field for Trustee or Corporate Address now generates the address for the contact that is selected in the settings screen or in the common settings.

  7. Fixed: The Simple/Detailed view icons for contacts in the Entity Relationship screen are now easier to select.

  8. Fixed: There is no longer an error message when uploading logo image files within the Badge screen that are larger than 100x33.

  9. Fixed: The CGT register API no longer displays an error message when dealing with high loads.

  10. Fixed: Alignment issues in the Contributions Breakdown Report.

  11. Fixed: When creating a Pension account, the account code no longer increases in increments.

  12. Fixed: The Ord Minnett feed is now mapping transactions correctly to existing Bank Accounts based on their BSB and Account Numbers

  13. Fixed: Users are now able to save wrap feeds in the chart of accounts when they contain certain symbols, such as the ‘/’ symbol.

  1. Fixed: The General Ledger pdf now accurately displays the Total Debit and Total Credits balances.