New Features: May the 4th be with you

New Features

The rise of the Workpapers:

  1. Investment Accounts: Changes in Units for Investments will now be highlighted to know which Investments you may want supporting evidence for. Green for increase. Red for decrease.

  1. Bank Accounts: The Table has been updated for the 60400 and 60800 workpapers to include a Confirmed Balance and Balance Source column.

    • Balances using a data feed will be automatically inserted and cannot be edited
    • Balances from BGL SmartDocs will automatically be inserted.
    • If there is a variance between the confirmed balance and the Ledger Balance a warning will be displayed.

  1. Bank Accounts: For Bank Accounts where a data feed is not available you are able to manually insert a balance.

  1. Export Notes: A new option to export just Notes has been added to export just the notes as a consolidated list and have them sorted by notes for the attention of Partner, notes for the attention of Manager and review notes.

  2. Previewing Documents: When previewing documents you are now able to move quickly between all documents for that workpaper.

  3. Settings: The General ledger Report - Filtered for manual journal entries can now be selected. This will only display processed manual journals for the account.

  1. Settings - SMSF - The Pension Projection Report, Unrealised Capital Gains and Unrealised Capital Gains - Detailed can all be added to your SMSF Workpaper template.

  2. General Ledger: If the General ledger report is attached in sections A-E it will now return transactions and balances for all accounts for the period.

  3. Notes: When adding a note the number of characters remaining will display. If you exceed the limit and click save you will no longer lose what you have input.

  4. Settings - Trust: The Beneficiary Distribution Summary, Statement Of Taxable Income and Tax reconciliation reports are now available.

  5. Settings - Company: The Statement Of Taxable Income, Tax Reconciliation Report and Capital Gain Reconciliation reports are now available.

  6. Settings - Individual: The Statement Of Taxable Income and Tax Reconciliation reports are now available.

  7. Sorting: Workpapers will now be automatically sorted by account code.

  8. Refresh - Improvements have been made to which reports are refreshed.

  9. 23900 Workpaper - Income Comparison warning will now only generate for ASX securities.

  10. Export Workpapers: Improvements have been for merging PDFs with forms.

User Profile
If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Especially now that I can view login history.

  1. The User Profile now has the ability for a user to view their login history including failed login attempts. SAML, Google and Xero logins will be excluded from this.


Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever, but first I will need to read about the changes made to the invitation process in Simple Fund 360.

  1. We’ve upgraded all the backend, resulting in better performance.

  2. The Search and filters have been improved

  3. Can now invite multiple users to different products in the one process

  4. First Name and Last name will prefill if contained within email address and separated by a full stop.

User Manager

Do. Or do not. There is no try and manage your User Manager.

  1. Significant performance improvements have been made.

  2. A new search bar has been added

  3. The User List can be filtered by and you can view counts on User Roles and Last Login on the left-hand side.

  4. You can further filter on Product, Status and MFA.

  5. The Activity Log including a view of each user’s login history including failed login attempts. SAML, Google and Xero logins will be excluded from this.

User Roles
Judge me by my size, do you?

  1. Significant performance improvements have been made.
  2. SSO user role which was previously used to determine access to User Administration functions has been removed
  3. All User functions are now product specific. E.g If a user has User Manager Rights to CAS 360 and not Simple Fund 360 they will only see users and be able to invite users to CAS 360

Dates and Times
Never tell me the odds but I wouldn’t mind knowing the date and time.

  1. All dates and times are stored in UTC
  2. The Dates and Times will display in the User’s local Time Zone which can be changed in the header

Token Management

  1. Support for generating a token for CAS 360 Singapore XBRL lodgement.