New Features - May Release

New Features

  1. Transfer Balance Account Report (TBAR) Lodgement

If an SMSF member has a pre-existing income stream, it must be reported to the ATO on the TBAR on or before 1 July 2018. A pre-existing income stream is an income stream the member was receiving on 30 June 2017 that:

    • continued to be paid to them on or after 1 July 2017; and
    • are in the retirement phase.

The Simple Fund 360 TBAR Management Screen allows you to prepare this information to easily lodge to the ATO.

Instructions More Information
Initial TBAR Lodgement of File by 01/07/2018 Pre-existing income streams must be reported to the ATO by 1 July 2018. This article will demonstrate the steps to prepare a bulk TBAR file to lodge to the ATO Portal.
TBAR Management This article details general use of the TBAR Management screen including how to lodge TBAR events to the ATO beyond 1 July 2018.
Transfer Balance Dashboard Learn more about a fund’s Transfer Balance Dashboard, and how to manage a member’s Transfer Balance Account.
Transfer Balance Account Report (TBAR) Learn more/refresh your memory on the new Event Based Reporting regime and lodgement requirements.
Capped Defined Benefit Income Streams and Special Value Certain pension types use a special value for TBAR reporting.
  1. BGL Excel Import - Investment Purchase History and Notional Gains

The BGL Excel (XML) Import has been updated to include a new Investment Opening Balances tab. This tab will allow you to import investment purchase parcels when setting up a new fund, including any notional gains from the application of CGT Relief (when completed in a prior software).

  1. Pension Member Tax Free Proportion

The tax free proportion percentage for pension members can now be edited in The Member List.
Refer to Edit the Tax-Free Proportion.

  1. 2018 Fact Finder Report

The 2018 Fact Finder report has been released to the Reports screen.

  1. BGL Contract Notice - New Brokers added

The following brokers have been added to The Share Data Pack:

  • 123 Investment
  • Asenna Wealth Solutions
  • BR Securities
  • Compass Financial,
  • LDB Wealth Solutions
  • MORE Wealth Management.


  1. BGL Community: The BGL Community has been added as a link in the Help and Resources section.
  2. Fund Workflow: Names of people will be displayed in <Surname, First Name> format.
  3. Analytical Insights: Pension filtering options added for Market linked and Complying Lifetime Pensions.
  4. BGL Excel (XML) Import: Foreign security codes can be input for Investment Transactions . Post-upload Simple Fund 360 will link the security to the investment’s chart account.
Security Type Required Code
ASX .AX ( BHP.AX where .AX is the code)
Manual No code required at end of security.
Unlisted Unit Trust No code required at end of security.
LSE (London) .L
HKSE (Hong Kong) .HKX
SGX (Singapore) .SGX
  1. BGL Excel (XML) Import: Manual security codes can be input for Investment Transactions . Post-upload Simple Fund 360 will automatically add the code to the Securities screen and link the security to the investment’s chart account.
  2. PAYG Tax Instalments: The 2018-2019 financial year can now be selected in the More Details Panel.
  3. CGT Register Report: Notional gains column added to the report.
  4. Unrealised Capital Gains Report and Unrealised Capital Gains Report - Detailed: Reports now exclude bank accounts and term deposits.
  5. Distribution Reconciliation Report: Non-unitised investments now displaying on the report.
  6. Fact Finder 2017 - Super Reform report: 2018 version available for report.
  7. Macquarie Wrap: The data feed now includes data for recently closed accounts (closed within last three years).
  8. Wraps and Platforms: Search function added to the setup screen when adding wraps to filter available wrap providers.
  9. The Share Data Pack: Contract Note Service broker instructions can now be prepared in bulk.

Issues Corrected

  1. Transaction Matching and GST: Manual matching of an amount to account 77200 with a GST rate setup is now working.
  2. CGT Relief (Cost Base Reset): Parcels with contract date 09/11/2016 can no longer be selected.
  3. Transaction Input: Post and Copy function no longer adding extra transaction line for GST registered funds.

Can we have the monthly update notes posted to SF360 help as well? That way I can download a proper pdf version of the update and distribute it for our internal meetings.

Hi @LeonKP, we have this month’s new release notes posted here:

Hi @Steve_R That page only has a link back to here. And it says future release notes will be uploaded to the community. So I still can’t generate a pdf for today’s release note.

Hi, could we get a PDF version of the release so I can send around to colleagues?

Would also be good to have it on the Help page where it usually is, easier to access and view.


Hey BGL great release I have just lodged my TBAR.

Just also wanted to point out that you can print to PDF from your browser.


An export can be obtained from:

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When will the What’s New Webinar that was held yesterday be available to watch online?

Hey @Sarahh

Webinar is now available