New Features - May 2019 Release (09/05/2019)

PDF available here - May Release PDF

New Features

  1. Mergers: The Corporate Actions Screen has been updated to automate and simplify the detailed steps required to complete common Mergers and Takeovers - including Script for Script options.

  2. Transaction List: The Transaction List has been updated to give you more control when searching and filtering transactions. Quality of life improvements have also been added to make navigating the transaction screen easier. Please see Transaction Input for more details.

  3. Smart Matching: Keep track when entering additional details for transactions through Simple Fund 360’s added support for numerical expressions in text input fields within the Smart Matching screen. Please see Smart Matching for additional information.

  4. Account View: A new streamlined account view has been added to aid the reconciliation of disparate More Details. Combining GST, Tax Member and SMSF items into a single location exportable to excel

  5. Depreciation: Based on your feedback the Depreciation Schedule has been redesigned. Over 10 new improvements have been added to aid in the process of setting up, creating a schedule and posting depreciation.

  6. Ord Minnett: Simple Fund 360’s direct feed with Ord Minnett now receives both investment and bank transaction amounts and balances.

  7. Actuary Integration: A.S.A.P Actuarial is now available to help streamline the actuarial certificate process.

  8. Alerts: When permanently deleting a fund from 360, if any exception messages are raised an alert will trigger with a reference number to provide the BGL Support Team.

  9. API: Contribution Breakdown Report - Now available through the BGL API.

  10. API: SMSF Establishment - New API calls are now available to all SMSF Document providers. This will reduce data entry time in Simple Fund 360 for any newly established SMSFs.
    A. Use INSERT fund to create the Fund. This will return a FundId which can be used to insert or update any other necessary details
    B. Use UPDATE fund details (using FundId created at Step 1) to check or update Fund Details.
    C. Use CREATE fund contact (using FundId created at Step 1) to create the Corporate Trustee, Corporate Trustee Directors or Individual Trustees.
    D. Use CREATE member using FundId created at Step 1) to add members to the fund using the contacts added at Step 3.

  11. Copy Journal: Save time when entering multiple similar transactions through the Transaction List’s Copy Journal feature. This will duplicate the selected transaction and then bring you to the transaction entry screen to change any details as needed. For more information, please refer to Transaction Entry.


  1. Analytical Insights: When selecting the member age filter, the reference date will default to today’s date when cleared.

  2. Distribution Reconciliation Report: The Distribution Reconciliation Report now displays variances between the distribution amount received and the net cash amount received. See Variance in Net Cash for more information.

  3. Realised Capital Gains Report: Subtotals have been added for each disposal in the Realised Capital Gains Report

  4. New Investment Account: When creating a new investment account, Simple Fund 360 now automatically detects if a security is a Trust Unit or Fixed Interest security and allocates the investment to the appropriate Simple Fund 360 chart account.

  5. Delisted securities: Delisted Securities data has been updated for the Corporate Actions screen.

  6. Fund Dashboard: “Unmatched Transactions” in the Fund Dashboard has been changed to “Bank Unmatched Transactions” to better reflect that it is displaying unmatched bank transactions only.

  7. Pension overdrawn warning: Simple Fund 360 will now warn you in the Pension Dashboard screen when a pension has exceeded its maximum pension amount. Please see Real time pension information for more details.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fund Wind up: corrections have been made to the total profit allocation when Creating Entries.

  2. Tax Return: Trustee lodging Party will populate on the SMSF annual return when a corporate trustee has been set up in Fund Relationships.

  3. Chart of Accounts: Warning message has been added, to inform users that a new account must be attached to at least one fund.

  4. Transfer Balance Dashboard: TRIS accounts will now display on the dashboard.

  5. Pensions Payments: When posting to account 41600 the more details panel to calculate the minimum pension will now adjust to include the current payment.

  6. Pension Payments: When posting to account 41600, the more details panel hor historical payments will now include decimals in the total amount for drawdowns.

  7. Fund Dashboard: When using the Firefox web browser the member’s pie chart will now display.

  8. Badges: Current issue has been resolved when the TFN was displaying in the Deduction Notice Form, when the linked Badge setting was set to hide TFN.

  9. Chart of Accounts: The tax label set for any custom accounts will now remain when the fund is balanced forward to the next financial year.

  10. Chart of Accounts: New sub-accounts created will now use the default control account label.

  11. Contract Notes Service: An update has been made to correct any failed contract notes for any funds using State One.

  12. Bank Report: On the Bank Report National Australia Bank (NAB) was incorrectly displaying as not supported, this has now been resolved.

  13. Security prices from 25/07/2017: 8/10/2018 beginning with Z trading on the NASDAQ have now been imported.

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