New Features March 25/03/2021

New Features

  1. Daily Prices for mFunds: Daily prices for mFund securities are now available from the ASX data feed.

  2. Smart Docs: The Smart Docs CGT function now supports Simple Ledger – Detailed Unrealised Capital Gain Report.

  3. Matching Rules: When creating matching rules, income and expenses are now able to feature within the same rule when the allocation type is ‘$’.

  4. Account View: A new Account View page has been added for users to reconcile bank transactions with bank statements analyzed by Smart Docs. The corresponding PDF file will display when the user clicks on the PDF icon.

  5. Report Margin Setting: A new ‘Report Margin’ feature has been added to the Badge Settings screen, enabling users to add custom margins on their report packs.

  6. Hide Member TFN/DOB Toggle: An enhanced Hide Member TFN/DOB Toggle has been added to the Badge Settings screen. Toggling this on will hide the Date of Birth and TFN for 30 reports.

  1. New Report: The Statement of Taxable Income can now be prepared for Companies.

  2. New Report: The Capital Gains Reconciliation Report can now be prepared for Companies.

  3. New Report: The Tax Reconciliation Report can now be prepared for Companies.

  4. Tax rates: Tax rates for various company types are now supported from 2013 onwards.

  5. Automatic revaluations: An ‘Automatic Revaluation’ toggle has been added to the fund details screen that will trigger revaluation journals as part of the year-end workflow.


  1. Chart of Accounts: will provide better mapping for ASX Securities based on security types.

  2. Investment Security List: will display Security/Market Type for securities under ASX and UUT/Other tab.

  3. Data Feed: Better mapping based on the more detailed security types.

  4. Wraps and Platforms: Account balances will refresh once the portfolio setup has been updated.

  5. Contacts screen and Contacts Usage page: will display members as Member or Former Member based on the end date for member accounts.

  6. Contribution Summary Report: Footnotes will be added for External Contributions.

  7. Investment Income Comparison Report: Distribution Income will be more accurately collected based on security types.

  8. Custom Reports: Pension Commencement Letter, Pension Commencement Letter Confirmation, Pension Commencement minutes, Pension Continuation Letter and Pension Continuation Minutes have all been updated with new custom fields.

  9. Balance Review: Date Filter has been improved with better usability.

  10. Share Registry: will allow users to add multiple Postcodes for the same HIN.

  11. Corporate Actions: We have added 5 new corporate actions below.

    Code Company Type
    ILU.AX Iluka Resources Limited Demerger
    CMW.AX Cromwell Property Group Takeover/Merger
    HUB.AX Hub24 Ltd Takeover/Merger
    NRW.AX NRW Holdings Takeover/Merger
    MGF.AX Magellan Global Fund Rights Issue
    MVT.AX Mercantile Investment Company Takeover/Merger
  12. Distribution Tax Automation: Distribution Tax Data for 2020 Financial Year has been added for Viva Energy Reit (VVR) and Magellan Global Close Class Unit (MGF).

  13. Previous Years and External Contributions:

  • Total External Concessional and Non-concessional Contributions will be calculated and display at the bottom;
  • Data will by default display based on the Financial Year in a descending order and Contribution Type alphabetically, with options to sort the order on Financial Year, External Fund Name, and Contribution Type.
  1. Contacts with Privacy settings enabled will display ‘Phone Provided’, not showing the mobile number for non-admin users from the Entity Relationship screen.

  2. Contract Note files will be removed where the imported linked transactions are deleted.

  3. Engagement Letter: the SMSF Auditor number has been added.

  4. Lodgement screen: Multiple lodging parties can now be selected for the Lodgement Status Report.

  5. Property Dashboard has been updated:

  • Added Last Rent Received column;
  • Added option to sort by Last Valuation Date;
  • Added Filters for the GST and LRBA options;
  • Added option to enter Lease Start/End Date;
  1. Cancelled TBRA Events: Checkbox beside the Original event is now hidden.

  2. Lodgement Reports: Header format changes for Lodgement Status Report, ATO Validation Report and TBAR Lodgement Report have been made.

  1. Period Compliance screen for Companies has been updated.

  2. Taxable Income Calculation screen: warning messages will display

  • where Franking credits are more than the Taxable Income;
  • where Foreign Income tax offset amount in the tax adjustment section exceeds $1000;
  • where the FY is before the 2013 year;
  • where a price is missing for revaluations
  1. Entity Details screen: The Automatic Revaluations toggle has been added for Companies.

  2. Trust Profit Distribution: Users are now able to review and update the allocations from the Distribute Profit screen after posting.

  3. Tax Components: Franking Credits column will be locked from editing and will be updated in proportion to the Franked Distributions amount.

  4. An entity and a contact will be differentiated in the Beneficiary, Entity Relationship and Contact screen.

  5. Beneficiary Distribution Summary report has been added to the Tax Reports in the Period Compliance screen for Trust.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Error message displaying when adding an individual with a professional body selected as Company Auditor.

  2. Fixed: Bank Feed setup screen not loading after returning from Xero authorisation.

  3. Fixed: Issue with the Contract Notes Bulk Setup has been resolved.

  4. Fixed: Print alignment issues have been solved when using shortcut keys Control + P to print screens.

  5. Fixed: Ability to delete a transaction when a document has been attached.

  6. Fixed: Investment Strategy Comparison Report will use system tags in the Chart of Accounts for account 60800 to determine the classification type.

  7. Fixed: Alignment issues have been fixed in the Trustee Representation Letter.

  8. Fixed: Member statement API will now return the correct Account Start Date

  9. Fixed. Depreciation schedule No data error message has been updated.

  10. Fixed: Investment Total Return Report - digital signing error has been resolved.

  11. Fixed: Transfer Balance Dashboard - Date picker for Add adjustment Entry Date/Lodgement Due date

  12. Fixed: Commsec Retail direct Wrap and Platform feed will now be including the ‘Paper Contract Note Fee’ in the brokerage amount.

  1. Fixed: Rounding issues have been resolved in the Operating Statement.

  2. Fixed: Alignment issue in the Beneficiary Distribution Summary.

  3. Fixed: Using Report Packs across different entity structures.

  4. Fixed: Property Dashboard the GST Status Filter has been fixed.