New Features - March 2019 Release (14/03/2019)

PDF available here

New Features

  1. First Home Super Saver Scheme - Now supported in Simple Fund 360. From 1 July 2018 fund members will be able to apply to release voluntary contributions, along with associated earnings, to help purchase a first home.

  2. New Data Feed Integrations have been added to Simple Fund 360:

    • Holiday Coast
    • Coastline Credit Union
    • Macarthur Credit Union

    Listed feeds will be supported in Simple Fund 360 using BankStatements Powered by PROVISO

  3. The listed Brokers are now fully Supported by the Contract Notes Service:

    • BT Private Nominees
    • Lodge Partners Pty Ltd

Review the full list of Supported Brokers

  1. New Deductions Notice Request Letter - This letter can be prepared by the fund member to the trustee requesting to claim a deduction.

  2. Create a Lump Sump Payment Minute acknowledged by the fund trustee, detailing lump sum payments (46000/MemberCode) made to fund members.

  3. Pension filters have been added to Fund Workflow to help clients monitor 2019 financial year pension minimums.

  4. The Download Excel | Pension Report in Fund Workflow has been updated for 2019 FY.


  1. Subscription checks have been improved, prompting a warning when you have reached your fund limit. Counters have also been added to Fund Selection to help administrators easily manage and monitor the subscription.
  2. Improvements have been made to the Distribution Reconciliation Report to help users reconcile taxable trust distributions in Statement of Taxable Income.
  3. Mail merge fields have been enabled for non-TRIS pension types. Which can be used in the Pension Continuation/Commencement/Confirmation letters.
  4. Transactions- Reference field limit has been increased from 50 to 300 characters.
  5. Improvements to Smart Matching to display the full chart name before selection.
  6. Smart Matching Search Function will now highlight in red when a multiple match is found.

Errors Corrected

  1. Foreign resident withholding tax now apportioned based on member phase.
  2. Midyear Create Entries, Income Tax Payable/Refundable transactions treated as an SMSF Non-Deductible expense in the Create Entries report and Statement of Taxable Income.
  3. Reports/Documents for lump sum transactions can now be prepared form the Reports Screen.
  4. Migration - When a normal account has been changed to a control account in Simple Fund Desktop, if the default in SF360 is a normal account, upon migration create a custom control account will be created.
  5. Contributions Breakdown Report - Format error fixed when using Microsoft Excel.
  6. The More Details Panel for a Rollover Payment, fixed an error when the Transfer Balance Cap is incorrectly displayed as a positive amount.
  7. Access denied with ASF Audit permission enabled for the Auditor user role.
  8. Analytical Insights and Fund Workflow pages, the minimum amount shown under Pension limits will pro rata when a pension ceases mid-year.

Hi @Anthony,

Can you please tell me where to download the mail merge field document? I’m following the links in the help file but it seems to be sending me in circles.

We’re wanting to update some of our custom document templates before EOFY.


hey @Christine

If you are creating a Custom Report in Simple Fund 360, navigate to the Reports Screen.

Select Custom Reports and click the Add Custom Report Button.


Click on Download Doc to get the latest template.


Hope that helps


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Thanks so much @Anthony,

I thought I’d tried doing that earlier but it was filling in details of that particular client I had open.

This has worked a treat.