New Features June 24/06/2021

New Features

  1. Changes to Minimum Pension Drawdown Rates: The government have announced that the reduced annual minimum pension payment amounts (50% reduction) will be extended for the 2021/22 financial year. Simple Fund 360 has updated the pension dashboard, pension documents and reports to reflect this change.

  2. 2021 Lodgement: We are ready and waiting for the green light from the ATO so you can lodge your 2021 SMSF annual return.

  3. 2021 Audit Workpapers: You will now be able to prepare the 2021 Audit Workpapers in Simple Fund 360. The update to the Audit workpapers includes the following:

    • Updated the user interface in the Reports Screen.
    • Updated questions on the Audit Workpapers.
    • Created new templates for the following reports:
      • Trustee Representation Letter - 2021
      • Engagement Letter - 2021
      • Compliance Checklist - 2021 (Main Template / Low/Medium/High Risk)
      • Audit Working Papers - 2021
  4. Bank Data Service: We have improved and added more detailed notifications to help you better manage and track bank authority forms, from the Feed Management screen.

  1. Franking Account Worksheet: A Franking Account Worksheet is now available for clients to produce a record of all of the franking debits and franking credits that have occurred within the financial year.


  1. Corporate Actions: Monash Absolute Investment Company Limited (MA1.AX) merger added as of 01 June 2021.

  2. Smart Docs - CGT: Simple Fund 360 can now recognise the investment code and auto-selects the account when uploading the SF360 Unrealised Capital Gains – Detailed Report.

  3. Reports: Improved excel format when exporting the Statement of Financial Position.

  4. Property Dashboard : Field to enter Lease Option Entry for Property accounts is now available.

  5. Wrap Feed: Improved automatic investment to corresponding cash transaction matching for Evan and Partners Wrap Feed.

  1. Reports: Improvements to the Statement of Taxable Income Report for Companies to account for Tax Payable (T5) even when $0.

  2. Reports – Common Settings: Improvements to the Report Date field for Companies and Trusts, to automatically generate the current date when left blank.

  3. Period Compliance: Simple Invest 360 can now automatically calculate and convert the excess franking credits to carried-forward tax losses after Close Period for Companies.

  4. Period Compliance: Trusts are now able to select how the beneficiary equity accounts are rolled forward during the Close Period process.

  5. Period Compliance: Interest Deductions (D7) added to Calculate Taxable Income screen for Individuals.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: SuperStream Contribution Data Report export to excel had incorrectly shifted the member total sections columns.

  2. Fixed: The ABN was not being synced from CAS/Xero Practice Manager to Simple Fund 360 for an individual contact.

  3. Fixed: Some cases where integrations were not working for firms with both Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360.

  4. Fixed: When a transaction is auto-matched by user rule, we now allocate the amount to Assessable Foreign Source Income if it is a foreign market dividend.

  5. Fixed: Audit Working Papers now displays a page break for Schedule References 35000 & 84000.

  6. Fixed: PDF for TRIS Count and R2 code uploaded for years 2019-2021.

  7. Fixed: Fund Transfer import was timing out due to a large number of custom securities.

  8. Fixed: Annual Return and Tax Reconciliation Report was showing a discrepancy when the fund is 100% Exempt.

  9. Fixed: When Import Distribution Components was toggled off in the feed setup screen, the Interest income component was still importing.

  1. Fixed: Issue resolved where the reserve section was being removed when clicking refresh in the Statement of Taxable Income screen for Trusts

  2. Fixed: Corrected alignment of horizontal lines for the Investment Income Comparison Report, Dividend Reconciliation Report and Distribution Reconciliation Report

@Anthony Anthony
You forgot to update the dial indicators which are still calibrated to the pre temporary reduction amounts.

Annotation (33)

2 ‘BGL Community’ menu items.

One is for SF360 and the other is for SI360 might be a good idea to differentiate each with SF360 & SI360 respectively.

If you are referring to min/max from the Member Pension Dashboard I have just tested this and seems to be working fine for me.

The community links have also been updated, you will only see access to the SI 360 community when you have another entity type selected.

I’ve just re-tested and the dials are still wrong.