New Features June 16/06/2022

New Features

  1. You asked, and we delivered. Find out just how well your entities are diversified using these new reports!
  1. Wraps and Platforms: Macquarie Wrap datafeeds now supports foreign investment transactions.

  1. Tax Time 2022: The time has come once again! BGL has been working hard to prepare SF360 for this tax season with the following updates:

  2. Downsizer Contributions: From 01/07/2022 as per changes in legislation, downsizer contributions can now be processed in transactions for individuals who are 60 years of age or older.

  3. Non Concessional Contributions: The Non Concessional Contributions Cap brought forward have been extended to members of 74 years of age from 01/07/2022. This is reflected in the Contribution Dashboard and the Contribution Breakdown Report.

  4. Pensions: The temporary reduction of minimum pension payment amounts has been extended for the 2022-2023 financial year. The Projected Pension Calculation Report, Pension Payment Declaration Report, and Pension Dashboard have been updated accordingly.

  1. Electronic Lodgment: You heard it here first! You can now prepare and lodge the 2022FY Trust Tax Return directly from Simple Invest 360. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

  2. Amendments: Trust Tax Return amendments can now be prepared and lodged in Simple Invest 360 for the 2021FY and onward.

  3. Digital Signing: Make the most out of your integrations, with digital signing now supported for the Trust Tax Return and supporting schedules.


  1. Corporate Actions: Added the ability to bulk ignore corporate actions.

  2. Corporate Actions: Support has been added for the following corporate Actions in Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360.

    • Date ASX Type
      05/05/2022 TRN Merger
      11/05/2022 ZEL Merger
      11/05/2022 CIM Merger
      30/05/2022 HRR Merger
  3. Documents Screen: Email notifications Emails can be sent from Simple Fund 360 to notify users of any document updates including documents being signed or documents being uploaded into the documents screen.

  4. Documents Screen: Users can now Void any documents sent out to be digitally signed.

  1. Create Entries: New warning was added in the create entries process to notify users of a fund missing an ESA in the fund details screen if the fund has received employer contributions.

  2. SuperStream: Improvements on the handling rollover/release authority messages received when a fund is still registered with AUSPOSTSMSF

  3. Superstream Rollovers: Improvements on the option to retrieve APRA Fund Details

  4. Superstream Dashboard: The screen can now be filtered based on the fund’s ESA

  5. All TBAR caps have been updated for the 2023 financial year

  6. RBS Form: Will hide or display a member’s TFN & DOB based on the fund’s Badge settings. When preparing RBS form, users will be provided a signatory selector in the RBS pop up.

  1. Tax return: Updated logic for Company Franking Credits label 7J.

  2. Tax return: Calculations updated to allow for losses to create $0 tax payable

  3. Simple Invest 360 now has a new and improved Community where you can ask questions and provide feedback

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Chrome / Edge: Downloading Report Pack with incorrect file naming.
  2. Fixed: Trustee Minute / Resolution: not all signatures were on the same page.
  3. Fixed: Documents: Downloading documents from Documents Screen with incorrect file naming.
  4. Fixed: Workpapers: Downloading workpaper reports with incorrect file naming.

  1. Fixed. Superstream: Service period start date not updating when changing members.
  2. Fixed. Superstream: Service Period Start Date not updating for saved rollover messages.
  3. Fixed. Superstream: The Action Required tab does not return the fund for certain types of outstanding transactions.
  4. Fixed. Tax compliance is not displaying the latest amendment sequence for Fund transfers.

  1. Daily revaluation logic has been updated when existing uncompleted segments exist in period compliance.