New Features - July Release (26/07/2018)

A PDF version of the notes can be downloaded here.

New Features

  1. 2018 Actuary Applications
    Significant changes have been made to the ATO interpretation for calculating ECPI in the 2017/2018 Financial year. Simple Fund 360 now supports 2018 actuary certificate applications through Fund Pension Policies. Refer to Changes to ECPI from 01 July 2017 for more.

  2. 2018 Create entries
    The create entries process has been updated to comply with the changes in calculating ECPI from 1 July 2017 onwards.

  3. HUB24 Platform
    HUB24 is now supported for data import under Wraps and Platforms.

  4. 2018 SMSF Annual Return
    Simple Fund Desktop clients migrating to Simple Fund 360 can now export a .sbr file of the 2018 SMSF Annual Return. This file can be imported post-migration into Simple Fund 360 and lodged. Refer to Uploading Simple Fund Desktop Tax Return File into SF360.
    The 2018 SMSF Annual Return can now be exported for lodgement through Xero Tax. Refer to Export SMSF Annual Return to Xero.

  5. Corporate Action Notifications - Delisted Securities
    Notifications now appear for delisted share events. Instructions for processing these events are linked for client use.

  6. Simple Fund 360 Alerts

Additions have been made to the Alerts function.

Planned Outage Any system outages will be displayed to the user.
New Features New features added will be displayed for review.
Events Upcoming industry events will be displayed for registration.


  1. Investment Summary Report: Unrealised Gain / (Loss) sections for LRBA loan accounts removed from the report.

  2. Separate Unrealised and Realised Market Movement on Operating Statement: A new setting has been added to allow the separation of unrealised and realised market movements.

  3. How to Enter a Lump Sum Rollin: Inputting a Service Period Start Date when recording a Lump Sum Rollin transaction will update the Member List if no start date exists for that member.

  4. Bank Feed Management Screen: Bank Feed report now included supported status of banks under the BGL Bank Data Service and the Feed Status for non-primary Rabo bank accounts.

  5. Supported Brokers: Ord Minnett Hong Kong now supported under the Ord Minnett broker when trading in AUD.

  6. The following reports have been updated for deemed segregation:

Issues Corrected

  1. Market Linked Pensions: Annual pension amount now rounded in the Pension Dashboard. Minimum and maximum amounts are no longer rounded.

  2. Transfer Balance Dashboard and Market Linked Pensions: The special value of a market-linked pension is no longer calculated when commenced on or after 1 July 2017.

  3. Bank Audit Confirmation: Representative (individual attached to company contact) details displayed on confirmation when attached to company contact.

  4. Detailed CGT Relief Schedule and Segregated Investment Income Report: Excel file export now generating for large funds.

  5. TBAR Management: File generation no longer incorrectly recording overseas postcodes.

  6. Transaction Matching: Multiple buy and sell transactions can be matched to the one bank entry.