New Features - July Release (05/07/2018)

A PDF version of the notes can be downloaded here.

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New Features

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  1. Trustee Query

Trustee Query is a simple way for accountants and trustees to engage and retrieve the information in Simple Fund 360. Communicate directly with your clients’ via email, text message or sending a custom link even if they are not invited to your Simple Fund 360 firm.

  1. Transaction Recode

Additions to the Transaction Recode feature have been added, allowing the recode of unitised investments to non-unitised investments and assets (bank accounts and term deposits under the 60000 account range).

  1. Tax Adjustments

For the 2018 SMSF Annual Return, The following changes have been made to the Tax Adjustments:

  • The existing tax offset Early stage investor tax offset (D2) has been moved to2 D3; and
  • Two new tax offsets have been added: Early stage venture capital limited partnership tax offset carried forward (D2) and Early stage investor tax offset carried forward (D4).
  1. Bank Audit Confirmation

A Bank Audit Confirmation can now be prepared in Simple Fund 360.

  1. BGL Contract Note Service - new brokers

Refer to Supported Brokers for a full list:

New Brokers

  • Barclay Wells Limited
  • BCP Equities Pty Ltd
  • Pinnacle Wealth Management
  • Hendersons FP Pty Ltd
  • McFarlane Cameron Pty Ltd
  • Giles Wade Private Wealth
  • Open Markets and Kodari Securities Pty Ltd
  1. SuperStream:
    A View button has been added for registered funds under the " SuperStream Contribution Last Received " column. Selecting this icon will allow you to view contribution data for that fund. A SuperStream Contribution Data Report has also been added.


  1. Reports Index: Reports Index will now display page numbers.
  2. TBAR Management: 30/06/2018 SIS balances are now carried forward to the 2019 financial year after Close Financial Year is completed.
  3. BankStatements Powered by PROVISO: Citigroup Pty Limited and Heritage Bank Limited now supported. For Heritage Bank Limited accounts, the Account Type will need to be included at the end of the account number in order to setup the feed.

Issues Corrected

  1. Praemium: Descriptor for disposal field in data feed updated.
  2. Market Linked Pensions: Gender can now be selected for Market Linked Pensions.
  3. How to Enter Rollover or Lump Sum Payments: Editing of account 46000 transactions now updating TBAR event.
  4. Contribution Breakdown Report: SuperStream data now displaying on the report when exported to Excel.

With the Trustee Query function is there any ability to brand the email that is sent to clients with our firms logo?

Hi @Donna,

At the moment, the email template can have text with formatting and mail merge fields applied to customise it to your needs.

The ability to add images is currently still under development.

When are we able to process actuarial certificates?

Hey @Ben this is scheduled for release end of July

Accurium advised it was going to be the 4th!

Is there an ETA when we can request actuarial advices via BGL 360? we have a number of funds that require a basic ECPi calculation.

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Hi @SarahW,

This is being released tonight. Keep an eye out our for our release notes coming out in a few hours.