New Features - July Actuary Certificate Release (17/07/2018)

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New Features

Actuary Certificates for the 2018 Financial Year
Actuary Certificates for the 2017/2018 Financial Year can now be requested and recorded in Simple Fund 360. The certificates will now be used by Simple Fund 360 when processing a create entries for a fund. Select the heading above to learn more as well as see a few worked examples of how deemed segregation works.

Supported Actuary Providers:

  • Accurium
  • Act2 Solutions
  • Heffron
  • Verus Actuaries

More will be added soon.

Reconcilliation Reports
Please note that the following reconciliation reports will be released late next week:

  • Create Entries Report
  • Exempt Pension Reconciliation
  • Deferred Tax Reconciliation
  • Capital Gains Reconciliation
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We have tried requesting actuary certificates this morning for our funds that are unsegregated, however we have been receiving the below validation when the fund is clearly unsegrated:

Invalid - Ensure that segregated assets are included in the total closing balance value. Or, if no segregated assets ensure that closing balance equals total closing balance (before income)

Has any one received this?

Hi @SarahW

Thanks for reporting this. Can you please try again as this has been actioned and fixed by our development team.



There appears to be a glitch with the new actuarial proceedures. Tried to get one through ACT 2 but there is an edit error dealing with segregation which I don’t understand. Please advise when this has been remedied.

Have just tried again but exactly the same error is coming up.

Hi @drewmorrow

I opened a support ticket, a member of the Support team will be in touch shortly.



@drewmorrow can you please review the fund as per Act2 Solutions: Invalid - Ensure that segregated assets are included in the total closing balance value. - Simple Fund 360 Getting Started

Hi Jeevan

With Alex’s help I have this working now. I had a system calculated profit allocated to a closed pension account.