New Features July 28/07/22

New Features

1. PAYG Payment Summary - You can now prepare and electronically lodge PAYG Payment Summary(PS) – Superannuation Income Stream and Superannuation Lump Sum forms through to the ATO.

2. SuperStream Dashboard: The following new features & improvements have been made to Superstream Dashboard:

  • Contribution data can be viewed from the SuperStream Dashboard

  • The SuperStream Summary Report can now be generated from the SuperStream Dashboard in Global View

  • SuperStream payment confirmation message can be re-downloaded.

1. Company workflow is here - You now have a dedicated screen to calculate income and pay dividends to shareholders at any point during the Financial Year.

  1. Hewison Private Wealth is now supported as a broker for Share Data Packs


1. Distribution Tax Automation - More distribution tax data added for funds. Click on the button [Supported Securities] to view what is available at any stage.

2. Corporate Actions - A notification has been added for the BHP In-Specie Dividend in connection with the Woodside Merger.

3. Corporate Actions - 2 new mergers have been added:

  • Gold Road Resources Limited - 2.25 Gold Road shares for every 1 DGO share.

  • Valley Seas BidCo Pty Ltd and Laguna Bay Agricultural No 1 Pty Ltd acquired all of the issued shares in AS1 for $0.20 cash per AS1 share.

4. Smart Matching - fast bank data entry (upload bank statement) - now supports Macquarie Cash Transaction statements for Cash Management Accounts.
5. Documents - users can now change the Financial Year directly by clicking any year allocated
6. Contacts - The Director ID field format changed to 3/5/5/2.
7. SmartDocs CGT - now supports rounded reports.
8. Transactions - add restrictions for tag creation in the Transaction List when attaching document.

1. Members Statement - a new setting for Reversionary pension indicator along with nomination type and end date.

2. ECPI Choice Election - A minute has replaced the letter.

3. Create Entries - New Create Entries warning has been added for members over the age of 65 and those members who turned 65 during the financial year, where their balances are not in Unrestricted Non-Preserved.

  1. Shareholders - Bank details section added for Shareholders.
  2. Shareholders - Added support for a Trust or SMSF to be a shareholder.
  3. Statement of Taxable Income calculation for ‘Credit for Tax Withheld - Foreign Resident Withholding’ now includes amounts of both 23900 and 24000 accounts.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed - Member Account Upload form for Beneficiaries will now be directed to the new documents screen.
  2. Fixed - Fund Transfer Failing Due to More details added to 49550 and 49560 accounts for Simple Invest (Companies).
  3. Fixed - Fund Migration no longer has issues with the 85500 LRBA account.

  1. Fixed - Unit holding statement error with negative units was not reducing the total balance.