New Features July 22/07/2021

New Features.

  1. FuseSign has joined the BGL family as our latest integration partner. FuseSign is an affordable, intuitive and easy to use Digital Signature tool. Not on digital signing yet? Maybe you should be!! Digital signing allows you to send multiple documents to multiple recipients and have them signed and returned to you within minutes.

  2. Say hello to your new Reports Screen. This report screen is not just a fresh coat of paint delivering to you better filters, improved search and visibility and even the ability to tag reports allowing you to utilise tag filters. Once you start to experience what this new screen has to offer, you’ll never want to go back.

  3. You’ve asked for it and we have delivered! Introducing our new Fund Dashboard. This dashboard is your new landing page for funds instantly providing valuable information giving you a complete fund overview. The fund dashboard even allows you to post notes between users, provide you access to the BGL SMSF Auditors panel and instantly gauge fund performance.

  4. In need of an auditor? The BGL SMSF Auditors Panel is a list of SMSF Client Firms and specialist SMSF Auditors available to you from Simple Fund 360. You can find this from the Fund Dashboard and the Help Menu.

  5. Simple Fund 360 now accounts for the legislative changes regarding the cut-off age to access the non-concessional contribution bring-forward provisions. The age limit now extends to ages below 67.

  6. Investment Reports: Property Summary Report has been added

  7. New Broker feed added to the Share Data Pack: Soundbridge Financial Services

  8. 2021 Financial Year Distribution Tax data added for below securities:

    • RCT.AX Reef Casino Trust
    • PLA0002AU Platinum International Fund – C Class
    • PLA0006AU Plantinum Global Fund Long Only (Formerly Platinum Unhedged Fund) – C Class
    • PLA0004AU Platinum Asia Fund – C Class
    • PLA0001AU Platinum European Fund – C Class
    • PLA0003AU Platinum Japan Fund – C Class
    • PLA0100AU Platinum International Brands Fund – C Class
    • PLA0005AU Platinum International Health Care Fund – C Class
    • PLA0101AU Platinum International Technology Fund – C Class
    • PLM01.AX Platinum Global Fund (mfund)
    • PIXX.AX Platinum International Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)
    • PAXX.AX Platinum Asia Fund (Quoted Managed Hedge Fund)
    • FHT0032AU Forager International Shares
    • IAP.AX - Irongate Group

  1. FuseSign has joined the BGL family as our latest integration partner. FuseSign is an affordable, intuitive and easy to use Digital Signature tool. Not on digital signing yet? Maybe you should be!! Digital signing allows you to send multiple documents to multiple recipients and have them signed and returned to you within minutes.

  2. Simple Invest 360 just keeps getting better with our new Dashboards added for Trust, Company and Individual entities. These dashboards are your new landing page for entities instantly providing valuable information giving you a complete entity overview.

  3. Letters/Minutes: New Distribution Statement has been added for Trusts

  4. Financial Reports: Statement of Distribution Report has been added for Trusts.


  1. Digital Signing Wizard: Third party documents can now be added to the Digital Signing Wizard. The order of these documents can be moved around within the Report Pack.

  2. Yearly Projected Pension Calculation Report: If a member has reached the age of 65 within the Financial Year, the following footnote will display within the report – ‘Member has turned 65 during the year and will not have a maximum drawdown limit’.

  3. Macquarie Cash Reconciliations: The ability to reconcile 30th June interest transactions from Macquarie feeds has been improved upon.

  4. Matching Rules: Users now have the ability to update the GST rate when creating a Matching Rule within the Smart Matching screen.

  5. Entity Workflow: A ‘Other Contribution’ column has been added to the Download Excel > Contribution function within the Entity Workflow screen. This is the sum of Contribution amounts that are neither Concessional nor Non-Concessional.

  6. Client Query: The Trustee Query function has been renamed to Client Query.

  7. Client Query: The ‘What category does this transaction belong to’ drop-down within the Client Query function has been refined to meet the needs of the various entity types.

  8. Corporate Action: The ‘Total Market Value of Shares Received’ field within the TPG Merger Corporate Action screen automatically populates.

  9. Corporate Action: New Corporate Action data has been added for the following 5 investments:

  • RDF: 21 Jun 21 - VM Consolidated Inc, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Verra Mobility Corporation, was successful with an offer of $0.96 cash per RDF share.

  • PWG: 30 Jun 21 - Centuria Capital was successful with an offer of 20 cents cash and 0.473 Centuria securities for every PWG security.

  • MOC: 01 Jul 21 - REA Financial Services Holdings co. Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of REA Group Ltd acquired all of the issued shares in MOC for the consideration of $1.95 cash per share.

  • AHY: 02 Jul 21 - Essity Holding Company Australia Pty Ltd acquired AHY shares for the consideration of A$1.40 for each Asaleo Care share - a fully franked special dividend of A$0.02 per share was also paid on 21 June 2021 to each Asaleo Care shareholder who held Asaleo Care shares on the special dividend record date of 15 June 2021.

  • VTH: 13 Jul 21 - Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management No. 2 Pty Limited as trustee of M2 Acquisition Trust acquired all of the fully paid units in VTH by way of a trust scheme for the consideration of $1.305 per unit (being $1.33 per unit less the full year distribution of 2.5 cents per unit) less any applicable withholding.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Distribution Tax Automation information icons are now fully displayed on screen.

  2. Fixed: Optimised performance when running certain reports on Simple Fund 360.

  3. Fixed: TBAR due dates fixed for funds with no pension members as at 30/06/2017.

  4. Fixed: Client Query fixed to allow 1300 and 1800 numbers for the accountant’s phone number.

  1. Fixed: Optimised CAS 360 import interface after selecting a trust.

  2. Fixed: Issue resolved when calculating Net Capital Gains in Statement of Taxable Income screen.

  3. Fixed: Subtotal 3 and Tax Payable amounts now have a minimum of zero in the Statement of Taxable Income screen.

  4. Fixed: Potential issue resolved when retrieving active beneficiary information of a billable trust in Simple Invest Reports.

  5. Fixed: Issue resolved when calculating Taxable Profit Discounted for holdings before the 1st of January 2000 under the Unrealised Capital Gains Report - Detailed.

  6. CAS 360 Import error now fixed to import trusts with ABN attached.

  1. Why do you allow us to quickly create a report from the ‘Search Result Reports’ but not allow us to set the settings for it ? eg general ledger

  2. Why does SF360 stubbornly still reset the the settings of the individual reports when you click the preview button. It did this in the old reports screen and the problem persists in the new. It should be obvious what Preview means eg check I have selected all the correct accounts, the correct date range etc for this report before I produce the word/excel etc document.

Hi @Freman

Thanks for the feedback. This has been forwarded to the Simple Fund 360 product team for review.