New Features - July 2019 Release (18/07/2019)

New Features

  1. Transfer Balance Dashboard: Keep on top of all members’ Transfer Balance Account (TBA) amounts across all funds in your Simple Fund 360 subscription. Track members’ TBA balances across multiple funds in Simple Fund 360.

  2. Smart Matching: Improvements made to the Smart Matching AI; Simple Fund 360 will now prefill the sub account code for security buy and sell transactions.

  3. Transaction List: Leverage the power of Simple Fund 360’s Smart Matching AI in the Transaction List. Suggested matches are now visible in the Transaction List when clicking the matching status icon.


  1. Depreciation Pools: Save time in managing your depreciation compliance through the use of Simple Fund 360’s newest addition to the depreciation schedule: Depreciation Pools. Ability to create low value and custom pools added to the depreciation screen.

  2. Depreciation Rates: Updated link in the Depreciation screen to the ATO’s 2019 “Guide to Depreciating Assets” page.

  3. Fact Finder 2019: Additional sections added under “Accumulation Member Details”. Unused catch up concessional contribution amounts are displayed as a line item in the Fact Finder 2019 report. Total Super Balance (TSB) opportunity and planning information added to the Fact Finder 2019 report.

  4. Create Entries Alert: Simple Fund 360 will now produce an alert during the create entries process when a security does not have a price recorded for it in the current year.

  5. Deselect “Attach All Funds”: An issue has been fixed where the chart account option “Attach All Funds” option was unable to be deselected when a fund had posted transactions to that account. This option can now be unticked and will apply for all investment sub accounts and linked accounts.

  6. Retail Entitlement Offer - TFN Amounts Withheld: A TFN Amounts Withheld field has been added when processing retail entitlement offer corporate actions. The field is available when the “Entitlement lapsed and the premium received was treated as income” option is chosen.

  7. Winding up a fund - A reminder advising to clear out the member components will now be displayed when attempting to enter an end date for a fund.

  8. Simple Fund Desktop Migration: The cryptocurrency account in desktop is now migrated to account 70040 in Simple Fund 360.

  9. Asset Allocation for Hybrid Securities: The investment security list Asset Allocation tab now reflects the allocation of investment types for hybrid securities.

  10. BGL Bank Data Service: Bank of Queensland accounts can now be set up using the correct BSB, rather than needing to enter in a generic BSB.

Errors Corrected

  1. Transaction List Report: Formatting issues have now been resolved

  2. Investment Strategy Report: Investment allocation percentage of Australian listed investments has been fixed.

  3. Unrealised Capital Gains Report: For funds migrated to Simple Fund 360 from Simple Fund Desktop, taxable profit indexation calculation has now been resolved.

  4. Investment Summary API: The start and end date are now able to be the same date.

  5. Document Uploads: Source documents attached to a transaction can now have a label attached.

  6. Migration: Improvements have been made to funds that are migrating from Simple Fund Desktop to Simple Fund 360.

  7. Account View: The ability to filter on the Financial Year has now been resolved.

  8. Transaction Recode: Once an account has been selected the Account dropdown box will now close.

  9. Transaction filter: Improvements have been made when the date filter has been applied from the Balance Review and Live Report Screen.

  10. Corporate Action Transactions: Unmatched corporate action transaction will now display from the Transaction List when the Unmatched Filter has been set.

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