New Features July 07/07/22

New Features

  1. The latest Digital Signing partner has arrived! PleaseSign is now supported in Simple Invest 360 and Simple Fund 360. PleaseSign subscribers can now create a seamless workflow company, trust, individual and SMSF documents can be digitally signed, speeding up the compliance process and reducing signing times.

  2. For those investing in gold, this data feed is for you. Rush Gold has been added as our latest wrap and platform feed.

  3. New reports just keep on coming! The Strategic Asset Allocation Report has just been added.

  4. Corporate Actions: Support has been added for the following corporate actions in Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360.

    • Date ASX Type
      17/06/2022 AIR Merger
      22/06/2022 WSA Merger

    We have also released a help article on How to process BHP In Specie Dividend in connection with the Woodside Merger.

  5. Contract Notes Service: You now have the ability to directly link a security code to an Investment Account.

  1. SuperStream Dashboard: The following new features & improvements have been made to Superstream Dashboard:

    • Register any new funds directly from the SuperStream Dashboard.
    • New Superstream Registration allows users to copy relationships and contacts among multiple funds
    • New Superstream Registration allows up to 5 email recipients for funds that use the BGL ESA.
    • New Superstream Registration allows new types of Relationships to be notified.
    • New Superstream Registration allows users to split email notifications for contributions and rollovers
  2. Audit Workpapers 2022 : You will now be able to prepare the 2022 Audit Workpapers in Simple Fund 360. The update to the Audit workpapers includes the following:

    • Updated the user interface in the Reports Screen.
    • Updated questions on the Audit Workpapers.
    • Created new templates for the following reports:
      • Trustee Representation Letter - 2022
      • Engagement Letter - 2022
      • Compliance Checklist - 2022
      • Audit Working Papers – 2022

  1. A new way of recording and managing shareholders has arrived with the Shareholders screen.


  1. Activity Statement Report - Detailed: The report now details transaction narration to ascertain whether users have correctly accounted for GST.

  2. Depreciation Schedule: A ‘Save & Add Another’ button has been implemented, to save time when adding new assets to the depreciation schedule.

  3. Reports: The following investment reports will now display the complete name of the feed provider where the data is obtained from datafeeds.

  • Investment Summary
  • Investment Income
  • Realised Gains
  • Unrealised Gains
  1. Integrations: Updated CoreLogic RP Data Links across the Property Dashboard, the Investment Security List and Connections Screen to their new Hub2 platform. Users may be required to create a new account.

  2. Reports: New Setting added to the following Investment Reports with the option to exclude 60400 – Bank Accounts.

  • Asset Allocation Pie Chart
  • Defensive vs Growth Asset Allocation Pie Chart
  • Asset Allocation
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  1. Documents: Original file names will now display when bulk downloading documents into a zip file.

  2. Depreciation Schedule: ATO’s guide to depreciate assets (2022FY) has been added to the Depreciation Schedule for entities operating in the 2022 Financial Year.

  3. Corporate Actions: A change has been made to limit 100 corporate actions that can be bulk ignored.

  4. Distribution Tax Automation: A ‘Supported Securities’ button has been added to the Distribution Tax Automation feature, to allow users to confirm securities that has system tax data within a financial year.

  1. Reports: Two mail merge fields have been enabled for the Trustee Minute / Resolution.

  2. SuperStream: Multiple contacts will now be bcc’d under Rollover and Contribution email notifications.

  3. SuperStream: A ‘SuperStream Rollover / Release Authority Report’ will now be attached against rollovers and release authority transactions posted via SuperStream in Simple Fund 360.

  4. SuperStream: Register or cancel funds, export notification letters and directly from the SuperStream Dashboard screen.

  5. SuperStream: The loading speed has improved for the SuperStream Dashboard.

  1. Reports: Changes to how Beneficiary account balances are presented in the Statement of Financial Position.

  2. Trust Tax Return: Updated Logic for the Beneficiary section under the Trust Tax Return.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Reports: Rental Property Statement incorrectly rounding figures.
  2. Fixed: Depreciation: Low Value Pool Closing Written Down Value incorrectly rounding figures.
  3. Fixed: Reports: Property Summary Report adding extra spaces and unnecessary formatting.
  4. Fixed: Reports: Trustee Minute/Resolution not displaying two merge fields correctly.
  5. Fixed: Investments: Balance Review screen URLs for Advanced Share Registry Services and Security Transfer Australia not working.
  6. Fixed: Reports: Asset Allocation Report showing blank security codes for investments.
  7. Fixed: Transaction List: Transaction attachments disappearing after matching multiple transactions together.
  8. Fixed: Corporate Actions: Updated the corporate action for BHP In-specie distributions for WDS while awaiting ATO ruling. See this article for more information.

  1. Fixed: Reports: Non Deductible Expense Reports with “Previous Financial Year” selected showing incorrect values.

  1. Fixed: Tax Labels: Amounts with the Tax label “Deductions Relating to Australian Investment Income – Relating to partnership and Trust” showing incorrectly on the Statement of Taxable Income / Distribute Profits section.
  2. Fixed: Period Compliance: Share of Income of Trust estate (W) displaying incorrect amounts when using Income Streaming.