New Features - January 2019 Release (24/01/2019)

New Features

  1. Fund Transfers (Beta Release) - Transfer funds between Simple Fund 360 subscriptions at the click of a button

  2. Smart Matching New Bank Account - New rapid “Create Bank Account” process in Smart matching that both removes the need to create a Chart of Account and allows the set up of automated bank feeds from a single screen

  3. Corporate Actions - DRP transactions can now be automatically processed for listed securities/funds with Trust Distributions

  4. Coles Demerger Scheme (Wesfarmers) This corporate action has been automated in Simple Fund 360. Data will automatically prefill when clicking process from the Corporate Actions Dashboard.

  5. Knowledge Centre - BGL has been working on developing a new and improved smart knowledge base that helps you tap into institutional knowledge so you get a better self-service experience.


  1. Statement of Financial Position: Option to consolidate Bank Accounts, Term Deposits and Member Accounts as a single line in the report has been added.

  2. Demerger of Coles (COL) from Wesfarmers (WES): Corporate Action data will now pre-fill

  3. User Roles: The “Transaction Matching” access option has been renamed to “Smart Matching/Transaction Matching”.

  4. Centrelink/DVA Schedule: Mail Merge Fields for the schedule can now be used in Custom Reports.

  5. Corporate Actions: You will now be able to find what you’re looking for, fast. The Corporate Actions screen now provides you with the ability to sort columns.

  6. Wraps and platforms - The following feeds: Netwealth, BGL XML, and Morgans Wealth+ now support the AMIT income component.

  7. Bank Authority Forms - Ability to populate authority forms for a fund that has multiple accounts with a financial institution on the single authority form.

Issues Corrected

  1. Unrealised Capital Gains Report: Discounted capital gains report no longer including future period disposals in calculations.

  2. Trustee Declaration Report: Declaration date can now be manually entered.

  3. Investment Strategy Comparison Report: Negative asset allocation percentages correctly taken into account when determining the holding amount for investments.

  4. Investment Income Comparison Report: Excel report download now correctly opens in Microsoft Excel

  5. SuperStream Contribution Data Export: Entries in the exported report are now sorted by date

  6. Issue fixed for some users logging in with Multi-factor authentication using Internet Explorer 11.

  7. Contributions Summary Report: No longer shows an extra page at the end of the report if ‘Show Comparatives’ is set to No.

  8. Transfer Balance Cap: Details shown in pension commencement/commutation, internal transfer and rollover payment screens no longer include cancelled events.

  9. Transfer Balance Dashboard: Amounts in the dashboard now correctly updated when editing transactions linked to TBAR events

  10. Actuary Certificate: Tax withheld amounts are now included in determining actuary percentages