New Features February 03/02/2022

New Features

  1. New to Simple Fund 360, is a brand-new look to the Members Statement and the Consolidated Member Statement. This alternate version includes additional subheadings, new graphs and so much more!

  2. We’ve updated the Trustee Minute/Resolution, giving you more flexibility in your reporting. Get creative with the newly added custom paragraph setting.

  1. We are excited to announce that the Trust Tax Return has been released to Beta! Where you can now prepare the 2021FY directly on Simple Invest 360. Keep your eyes peeled for Electronic Lodgements, which will be made available in the coming months.


  1. SuperStream: Improved data processing of multiple consecutive SuperStream transactions.

  2. SuperStream: Further improvements were made by using the Fund Validation Service (FVS) responses.

  3. SuperStream: Ability to validate Fund’s Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) using the FVS.

  4. SuperStream: Now displays an error message where an APRA fund is not rollover v3 enabled.

  5. SuperStream: Can now automatically populate an APRA Fund Name and ABN on the USI is entered.

  6. SuperStream: Receiving fund ABN & USI is now automatically refilled onto the Rollover Benefit Statement.

  7. SuperStream: Will now check contacts before creating new ones to prevent duplicate contacts.

  8. SuperStream: Updated tooltip wording where member record does not exist within the fund or TFN is mismatched.

  9. Transaction matching: A warning message will now be displayed if the user attempts to unmatch or match transactions in previous years.

  10. Custom Report: New mail merge fields added for Individual and Corporate Trustee for the 5th and 6th members.

  11. Tax Return: New 2021 Return PDF able to contain 6 members for Funds Winding up in the 2022 year.

  12. Property Dashboard: Add ability to add multiple lease dates

  13. Reports: Optimising Report Queries to improve efficiency and loading times.

  14. Fund Transfers: Added Warning to Indicate Full Year CE cannot be reversed.

  15. Fund Transfers: The email field in the fund details will also be included in the transfer of fund data.

  16. Wraps and Platforms: Improvements made to data feed income allocation, using data provider flags to better identify the correct linked income account to use.

  17. Corporate Actions: 7 additional takeovers/mergers have been added.

  1. Corporate Actions: Revaluations from corporate action will not occur where auto revaluation toggle is turned off.

Errors Corrected

  1. SuperStream: Fund will remain in the same tab when switching between funds for SuperStream Rollovers.

  2. SuperStream: Fixed issue of passing the “ESA is required” validation error when the ESA field is empty.

  3. SuperStream: Transaction Source now corrected for Rollovers and Release Authorities that have been processed.

  4. SuperStream: When both funds are in Simple Fund 360, a fix has been made when the Rollover Transaction Request (RTR) message is archived and there is a linked Initiate Rollover Request (IRR).

  5. SuperStream: Fixed issue of contribution email notifications being incorrectly sent for all historical contribution data when ABN is re-linked for a fund.

  6. Transactions: File attachments can now be uploaded to a transaction using Safari.

  7. Document Tags: Document tag generation issue is now resolved.

  8. Reports: Fixed discrepancy of the taxable profit discounted amount between the ‘Unrealised Capital Gains – Detailed Report’ and the ‘Unrealised Capital Gains Report’.

  9. Reports: Discrepancy between the PDF and Word versions of the Member Statement has been fixed.

  10. Reports: Early-stage venture offset credits will now correctly appear on the Notes to the Financial Statements.

  11. Connected Services: Fixed issue with double up of income components upon feed import.

  12. Connected Services: Fixed incorrect description upon transaction upload using Broker CSV.

  13. Connected Services: LRBA Accounts will now appear in the Account Mapping section for Bell Potter Equity Level and Macquarie Equity Lever Wrap Setup screens.

  1. Reports: Fixed a rounding issue for Non-Primary Production Income on Annual Tax Statement for Trusts.

Hi Anthony,
How about Company Tax Return? Will this be in the pipeline before the end of FY22?

Hi Ken, At this stage, we cannot give a definite timeline regarding the company tax return. However, we will add your request to the wishlist.