New Features February 03/02/2021

New Features

  1. Financial Reports: From the fund’s badge, you will now be able to select Prior Year-End (30/06) balances as comparatives, regardless of the reporting period which has been set for the financial statements.

  2. Digital Signing: When sending out Simple Fund 360 Documents to be digitally signed with more than one recipient, you can choose to set a signing order. The signing order lets you control the order in which your recipients receive and sign your documents.

  3. Digital Signing SMS Authentication: Additional security enhancements are now available when digitally signing documents. SMS Authentication requires the recipient to receive an SMS text message to a specified phone number. The text message contains an access code, which the recipient must enter to view documents before signing.

  4. SBR 2 Lodgement: We’ve upgraded all the back-end to support SBR 2 lodgement with the ATO, resulting in better performance and layered security. No change is required in Simple Fund 360.

  5. Account View: To help reconcile the General Ledger we have added running balances to all sub-accounts and normal accounts.

  6. Data Feeds: New Broker added to the Contract Note Service: Pelican Wealth Pty Ltd

  1. New Report: Statement of Taxable Income for Trusts.

  2. New Feature - Taxable Income Calculation for Trusts: Taxable Income Calculation is a new screen designed for trusts to reconcile income received from distributions.


  1. Securities Screen: A Security Description field has been added to the Edit Security screen for system securities from the ASX.

  2. Transaction Screen: The Transaction Filter within the Transaction Screen has been updated and now contains additional search options. The fields ‘Ref’ and ‘Description’ now contain the condition ‘Does Not Contain’. The field ‘Units’ now allows for negative values.

  3. Contact Integration: When a contact is integrated into Simple Fund 360, the first name and middle name are no longer combined and sent as just the first name. The integration now allows for both a first name and a middle name to come through separately.

  4. Corporate Action: The Magellan Global Trust Merger/Takeover has been added to the Corporate Actions screen.

  5. Corporate Action: The Village Roadshow Limited Merger/Takeover has been added to the Corporate Actions screen.

  6. Corporate Action: The Citadel Group Limited Merger/Takeover has been added to the Corporate Actions screen.

  7. Depreciation Schedule: When the Depreciation Schedule report is generated, a column for the purchase date has now been added.

  8. Deferred Tax Reconciliation Report: A Deferred Tax Reconciliation Report is no longer generated when Tax Effect Accounting is turned off.

  9. API: Improvements to the Detailed Operating Statement API.

  10. Feed Management: The Fund Code has been added to the License Report in the Feed Management screen.

  11. Create Contacts API: The create contact API has been improved when checking for duplicates.

  12. Get Contacts by FundId: The Get Contacts by FundId now returns relationships limited to the fund, rather than returning all relationships for the contact.

  13. Matching Rules: Matching rules created can now apply to both income and expenses in the same rule.

  14. Account View: The default number of lines of transactions within the Account View function has been updated to 50.

  1. Tax Reconciliation Report: There have been significant improvements to the Tax Reconciliation Report when generated.

  2. Login: When users are invited to Non-SMSF entities, they are now directed to the dashboard of the correct entity upon login.

  3. Notes to the Financial Statements: When generating Notes to the Financial Statements, if the Total Unrealised Movement value is zero, then it will not appear in the report.

  4. Distribution Reconciliation Report: When generating the Distribution Reconciliation report, the Company has been added to the summary table.

  5. Trustee Minutes/Resolution: When generating the Trustee Minutes/Resolution, users will now be able to distinguish between current, future and past beneficiaries.

  6. Period Compliance Screen: A new and improved Period Compliance screen is now available for Trusts, Companies and Individuals

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Pension payments from the migration period will now appear on the Pension Summary report.

  2. Fixed: Renounceable rights issue for Sayona Mining Limited has been added.

  3. Fixed: Microsoft Edge Browser property screen toggle now functions properly.

  4. Fixed: The full Fund Code will now display upon hovering over it.

  5. Fixed: When searching for a property, empty results for non-existent accounts will no longer appear.

  6. Fixed: Global view of the property screen will now display normally upon refreshing the screen.

  7. Fixed: The Entity view of the property screen will now display with the map for the auditor user role.

  8. Fixed: The Investment Income Report and the Segregated Investment Income Report will now include foreign tax credits in the calculation of Total Income and Assessable Income.

  9. Fixed: Investment Revaluations for funds with PDIT switched on have rightly adjusted for deferred tax.

  10. Fixed: The Detailed Schedule of Fund Assets can be exported in Word and Excel properly.

  11. Fixed: The Realised Capital Gains report will display disposal Subtotals properly when selected in settings.

  12. Fixed: The Segregated Investment Summary and the Segregated Investment Income Report will now display member names and member codes properly.

  13. Fixed: Items added to the Property Worksheet under the Capital Works depreciation method can now be marked as reviewed.

  14. Fixed: Create Contact API will now convert mobile number fields properly.

  15. Fixed: Transaction matching issues for Banks/Term Deposits with incorrect setup.

  16. Fixed: Uploading issues for files with a dash or space in the file name will now return a proper error message.

  17. Fixed: Where there is at least an Admin or Account Owner user, the contract notes can be attached.

  18. Fixed: Centrelink DVA Schedule header will now display properly with a character “&” in the fund name.

  19. Fixed: The downsizer contribution amount can now be properly stored when the transaction is matched under smart matching.

  1. Fixed: The Detailed Schedule of Assets can now be exported in Word and Excel properly.

  2. Fixed: The Statement of Financial Position will display the fund logo and name properly for digital signing.