New Features - December 2020 Release (15/12/2020)

New Features

  1. New Broker: A new Broker – ‘Catapult Wealth Pty Ltd’ has been added to our list of Supported Brokers.

  1. Beneficiary Screen: A new Beneficiary Screen has been created within Simple Invest 360, that allows users to set up Beneficiaries quickly and easily for all types of Trusts.

  2. User Roles: A new user group has been created within the User Roles page for the newly added Beneficiary Screen. Within this user group, there are two new user roles: ‘Beneficiary List’ and ‘Beneficiary Screen View Only’.

  3. Accounting Profit Distribution Screen: An Accounting Profit Distribution Screen has been created within Simple Invest that allocates Account Profit to Beneficiaries and Trusts.

  4. New Report: A ‘Beneficiary Balance Summary’ report is now available that displays the Accounting Profit Distribution to Beneficiaries for the year.


  1. Centrelink DVA schedule: Reporting Period Start Date mail merge field has been enabled and can be used in the Centrelink DVA schedule.

  2. Badge: We have updated the Reports Footer, which will allow more characters for APES 315.

  3. Operating Statement: Based on client feedback we have added a subtotal line for the expense category.

  4. Work Test Declaration: In line with the most recent legislative updates regarding a members age, the Work Test Declaration Report for the 2021 Financial Year has been updated

  5. BAS/IAS Declaration: Improvements have been made to the BAS/IAS Declaration to include the Tax Agent details.

  6. Transaction Recode: Improvements have been made to create new sub-accounts when using the Transaction Recode function.

  7. Corporate Actions: The following Corporate Actions are now supported and can now be processed from the Corporate Actions Dashboard:

    • Renounceable Rights: PointsBet Holdings (PBH)

    • Non-renounceable Rights: Reece Group (REH)

    • Demerger: Westgold Resources Ltd (WGX)

    • Merger Takeover: OptiComm Limited (OPC)

    • Code change: Fidelity FIRST Global Fund has changed its code from FID4852AU to FID0239AU

    • Share Buyback: PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund Limited (PAF): Instructions to be added to the Corporate Actions Dashboard.

    • Capital Return: OneMarket Limited (OMN): Shareholders received a capital return.

    • Stock Split: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.NDQ): Shareholders receive four additional shares for each share held.

    • In-specie Distribution: Think Childcare Limited (TNK): instructions to be added to the Corporate Actions Dashboard.

    • Foreign Dividend: ResMed Inc.( RMD): Foreign Dividend Data Provided will be included in the ASX data feed and available in Smart Matching

  8. Smart Matching: From the Smart Matching Screen you will now be able to match a $0.00 interest transaction to account 25000/XXX

  9. Account View: when using the Account View function, we have now added a running balance to help you sort through your transaction data.

  10. Reporting: An option has been added to the Badge Settings to enable or disable Bookmarking when creating your Financial Report Packs.

  11. Fund Contacts API: Address State to be in an abbreviated format. Example: NSW/VIC/QLD/SA/WA/TAS/NT.

  12. Feeds: Data Import times have been updated for Foreign Securities Prices to handle overseas daylight savings.

  13. Mobile App: Track your funds’ performance against the ASX 200 benchmark, which has been added to the TWRR Chart.

  1. Trust Tax Reconciliation Report: New label “27V - Net capital losses carried forward to the next year” has been added and is now supported in the Trust Tax Reconciliation Report.

  2. Trust Tax Reconciliation Report: TFN Amounts Withheld 11I, 12N and 8E are also supported in the Tax Reconciliation Report for Trusts.

  3. Entity Setup: When a new Trust has been created, quick links will now display to help you complete the setup process. The Add Beneficiaries button will direct you to the new Beneficiaries Screen.

  4. Badge: We have updated the Reports Footer, which will allow more characters for APES 315.

Errors Corrected

  1. Fixed: Members’ name will display correctly in the Detailed Statement of Financial Position.

  2. Fixed: Wording in the Trustees’ Declaration Template.

  3. Fixed: Depreciation alert messages will now display for the same asset when depreciation is posted part way through the year.

  4. Fixed: Alignment issues for the Capital Gains Reconciliation Report.

  5. Fixed: Disclaimers and APES Footers on certain reports.

  6. Fixed: Pro-rata calculations for depreciation in the Depreciation Worksheet.

  7. Fixed: Xplore Wealth (IAS) brokerage and consideration descriptors have now been updated.

  8. Fixed: Bank CSV import can now be completed when an account has the same code as a clearing account.

  9. Fixed: Database entries will now be removed when untagging a document or deleting a tag.

  10. Fixed: Documents will no longer be tagged to restrict the view for the Account Owner.